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Scholars, researchers, and academicians conduct research and write research papers or articles from time to time. After writing the research, survey paper, or article they publish their work in journals, or conferences to get suggestions and recommendations. 

Journals are mainly two types: first peer review journals and the other non-peer review journal. Peer review journals are considered high-quality journals as they publish work that is authenticated by reviewers on various levels. Also, they get more citations as compared to non-peer review journals.

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Reviewers play a significant role in publishing or indexing journals, research papers, and articles. As we know in the present time every day new inventions, technologies, and discoveries are taking place in everyones life. All of this has changed our day-to-day life completely and affects us directly or indirectly. Reviewing helps in finding loopholes, impacts of research, and authenticity and suggests improvements if needed. Which increases the credibility of the research.

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Why we need Reviewers/ Role of a Reviewer

Reviewing is not easy work, it is a time taking process. Reviewing is just like writing a research paper or article again. Reviewing a paper is as laborious as writing a research paper. So one should have patience while reviewing.

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 Work of Reviewers

  • Reviewer plays a significant role in any journal or indexing platform. As they analyze the research papers or articles from the beginning and check the authenticity and plagiarism in documents.
  • Reviewers evaluate the work, give feedback about the paper and suggest improvements if any.
  • Reviewers also recommend research papers or articles to the editors whether they should be accepted, rejected, or make changes in them.
  • Reviewers are known for expertise in their area; so their feedback holds a significant position in journals.
  • They help in preventing any kind of ethical breaches and support original work in the academic and research community. 

Eligibility for reviewer

  • Candidates should have a Ph.D. or doctorate degree in a related subject or field.
  • Have publications in journals indexed in reputed indexing platforms.
  • Have working experience in their particular academic or research field.

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Steps to become a reviewer at ABCD Index

Step 1 – go to the ABCD Index home page.

Step 2 – go to the reviewer menu and select reviewer login. The login page will open on the screen.

Step 3 –Click on register yourself.

Step 4 – Fill out the registration form and submit it.

Step 5 – Add your profile to the reviewer dashboard.

Add publications and other relevant information then submit the form.

The ABCD Index team will review your profile. It will take 5 to 7 working days to review a profile so wait patiently. Once the reviewing is done, the applicant would be notified by email.

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ABCD index platform offers free access to its database for scholars, researchers, and academicians. It is working for transparent, reliable, and authentic academic and research work with a futuristic approach. Apart from that, ABCD Index accredited departments, labs, industries, institutions, instruments, etc. to increase the credibility of organizations. ABCD Index also promotes ideas, products,  and work in the academic and research world across the globe.