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Conferences are the place where individuals, scholars, fellow researchers , and others who have similar interests get to know each other, their  work, area of research, knowledge about ongoing research in current time and get to know the experts who have done tremendous work in their respective fields.    

Scholars, academicians, students enrolled in masters, phd scholars, fellow researchers, professors, lecturers and many other individuals do research on their own accord or under the guidance of their confidant or mentor. There are many fresher students or fellow researchers  who are seeking mentors related to the subject of their research area and others who want to get an idea or overview  about the topic of the research in which they utilize  the knowledge and contribute in their related stream and  society as well.





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Scholars, students and everyone  who wants to do research have to take the first step, which is reading and scrutinizing of the previously published researches in their area of interest to have familiarity about the work, methods, techniques, comparativeness and outcomes, It will help them in mandating their own research. Many scholars who have completed their research work seek conferences to disclose their work in front of the scholars, intellectuals or experts in that particular field so that they can review the work, comment or make suggestions and get recommendations.

As you know there are two types of conferences, one on the country level and other on the international level; they were mainly organized by universities, colleges, research institutes and other individuals. The country level conferences are organized in the boundary of that specific nation and  accept research papers or articles only related to their country whereas in the international conferences, organizers allow research articles and papers written or produced globally. International conferences give a wider range of acceptance to scholars and academicians in compared to local or country level conferences. 

Benefits of joining an international conference

? Firstly it gives experience to get in contact and connect with the people of the same field worldwide.

? Secondly, getting the certificate of an international conference,  which will increase one more credit in academic achievements.

? Thirdly, get to know about the ongoing research and new research fields going all around the world, And get aware of the new technologies and methods as well.

         Participating or attending the international conference will be a new experience to the scholars and researchers that will help in building confidence, learning from others and meeting the intellectuals who excel in their field.

Many scholars and researchers who wanted to present and publish their research paper or article in reputed journals and to get a wider audience that will help them broaden their reach seek conferences going to be held internationally  in their research field. Universities and research institutes conduct conferences globally. But finding a conference related to one's subject from the no. of universities and research institutes present worldwide is like finding pearls in the vast sea. Considering  it, platforms like ABCD INDEX helps scholars and researchers to get the list of international conferences going to be held in the following month or year. The teams of ABCD index platform working 24x7 for the welfare of the academicians. Here it provides the alert to the individuals about upcoming conferences apart from that one can also filter the  information regarding conferences according to their curriculum.

ABCD index supports authenticity and provides a genuine source of  information. One can also look for another platform as well.