International Conference Paper Presentation Tips



Presenting a research paper for the first time in a conference for a researcher, scholar or student is quite an experience of life, they want this as memorable as they could. For this they want it to go smoothly without making any silly mistakes. For Conducting presentations without encountering any silly mistakes, Here are some tips for the scholars, students, and other individuals who are going to present their research paper in conference. So that they can handle the pressure of performing well and face everything in a well-structured manner.

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Tips to present research paper in a conference are given below :

Explain how the research going to help others –  Explain the purpose of research, why it should be considered, how it's going to help society, fellow researchers and others who are conducting research in the same field as simple as possible so that all the participants, reviewers,  experts, other scholars and students can understand it easily.  

Be calm -  After completing the presentation one has to answer questions arising in the audience while watching the presentation or details given in the proceeding, these questions sometimes irritate them or make them lack of words in that case try to have control of emotions and remain calm as possible as you can, because it shows one’s capability to tackle anything comes in the way.

Have patience  – Conferences have large numbers of participants. A locally organized conference has more than 50 contestants whereas some international conferences have more than a thousand participants, so it will take some time for their turn. The organizing committee decides when and where the conference is going to be held, the purpose of the conference, and other things related to the conference. Considering they invite participants to showcase their research in front of everyone and ask for samples of their research work in writing to decide whether it should be accepted or not. This reviewing process takes time, they will inform participants by email or SMS after reviewing the research paper. This process is a little time-consuming So don’t lose patience while waiting for your turn. As people say “ the fruits of patience are sweet” so patiently wait for your turn.

 Be polite – politeness is something that can gain respect for oneself. It is one's behavior or reaction that impacts people direct or indirectly. If someone has politeness in their behavior then they are definitely going to impact others with their reactions or course of actions. In conferences, some people intentionally or unintentionally can be a little troublesome for newcomers, in that case answer politely to everyone who asks a question and don’t get distracted by their reactions.

 Don’t panic - It might be possible that one has no answer to the question asked by the audience; in situations like this try to keep calm and don’t let nervousness take over your mind. Try to relax and answer patiently. Any symptoms of panic on oneself can make them look unreliable, so try to control your emotions, be the master of yourself and face it with confidence.

Time management - Time management plays a major role in everyone’s life. If someone wants to achieve great things they should work on their time management. In the conference, every participant got a limited time to present 8 to 10 minutes and explain their research. Most of the time it is less than ten minutes, so participants must keep this in their mind to represent their work within the time otherwise they won’t have a second chance. “A man is always recognized by their work” if someone doesn't even deliver their work in the time they won't get recognition on time. 


Making of PowerPoint presentation - to showcase or present a research paper at the conference one needs to prepare a PowerPoint presentation or PPT about their research work. They have less than ten minutes of time to give a presentation at the conference in front of scholars, experts of the conferences, participants, and others who are attending the event. One must know what to select and what to neglect while preparing the ppt for the conference. Some tips to make a ppt impactful are as follows:

  • Write precisely about the work related to the research.
  • Use templates to make a good presentation.
  • Use symbols, pictures, graphics, Venn diagrams to elaborate the research work and methods, but avoid overdoing because it causes a negative effect on one’s presentation.
  • Try to avoid writing so much instead use keywords and explain it yourself.


Make short notes – one should prepare short notes about their research so that they can present and explain their research with confidence. They are easy to carry and will be quite helpful for your presentation.

 Create a file in pdf format  –  make a pdf file of the research paper, it will come in handy whenever it is needed.

 Accept suggestions – there is nothing like “perfect” in the world of research, they can be more accurate and outstanding than others but titling someone, something perfect is not the right thing to do because it is certainly something remain which needs improvement, not in time being but later, so accepting suggestions from the fellow scholars, researchers who are excelling in their work might be helpful in further studies.

 Make prior arrangements for presentation – one should make prior arrangements for their presentation so they won’t have to suffer during the presentation. There are many things that should be considered while making arrangements for the conference some of them are given below :


Follow the format - Prepare research paper as per conference’s predetermined format. It will help both the reviewer and yourself. Firstly, from the reviewer’s perspective unstructured research papers only waste their precious time so they avoid unstructured and ill-mannered papers, regardless how important research one has done. so try to avoid this kind of mistake that reduces one's chances of getting selected. Secondly, it will  help researchers to write their research paper in a well structured manner that is understandable by everyone.

Also, they do not have to keep checking the research paper again and again to find or add  things related to the research work.