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Scholars pursuing master or doctorates conduct research on their own accord or under a mentor related to their stream. As everyone knows that “there is no value of anything if it is not going to help anyone”. It is humans curiosity to know the reactions of others to their work, in short after completing their research work they want someone who can review their work, ask questions about the results or process, give suggestions so that the outcomes  improve and most important thing they can have is an idea that will help in further process.

For all of this, they need a platform where they can meet and show the work they have done to the people who belong to their field. Conferences are the best place for new researchers and scholars who conducted research for the first time and want to meet and connect to the people related to their field. For that, they need to write a research paper about the research to showcase or present the work in front of experts, participants, and other scholars. There are many journals, publishers, and editors also attend the conference because many conference organizers tie up with some journals and publishers to publish some good quality research papers or journals and some of the reputed journals also give offers to new scholars to publish their research. So attending and participating in conferences might create an opportunity for your research work to be published in reputed journals as well. Apart from that many institutes insist their scholars or students to attend and participate in at least two or more conferences so that they can have experience and certificates as well to use in their further research.



A conference is a place where scholars, researchers, fellow researchers, academicians and other individuals can represent their work, meet people having similar goals, discuss the problems, progress and outcomes of their research, accept suggestions and get new ideas to conduct further research. In the present scenario, finding information regarding conferences is not a hard nut to crack, but finding valid information is still not an easy task. To make this as easy as a cakewalk for students, scholars, and for other institutions or individuals,  ABCD Index provides a list of conferences according to the need and preference of individuals.

To get the list of conferences on the ABCD Index kindly follow the steps given below –


Step 1 – open the home page of ABCD index. (to access the homepage of ABCD Index kindly type ABCD Index on the search bar of the browser or click on the link

 Step 2 -  on the homepage of ABCD index platform you can see some menus on the top of the window like home, about, publishers, reviewer etc. to get a list of conferences going to be held, ABCD Index provides two types of way for getting the list you are looking f kindly go to reviewer or publishers tab.

1.  Way to reach conference by reviewer menu

  • Click on the reviewer menu, and a drop-down list will pop up on the screen; kindly look for the  ‘conference’ in the list and select it by clicking on the conference option.
  • By doing as directed above, a list of conferences will be visible on your screen.


2.   Way to reach conference by publishers menu: 

  • Click on the publisher menu, a list of options will be visible on the screen, now select ‘conference’ from the list; this will lead you to the list of conferences.

One can also click on the link to get the list of conferences 

 On the ABCD index platform list of conferences is maintained efficiently so that scholars, students, academicians, researchers, and whoever is interested in attending events like this can have genuine sources of information that are also assured to verify them so no one can feel cheated.

Step 3 – Kindly go to the search bar and insert the subject or field of which conferences you are looking for then press enter from the keyboard or click on the search button.

            This will show conferences related to one's subject or field.


How to find information related to the conference on the ABCD index


  • Click on the conference title; the page which has information related to that conference would open on the screen.
  • important facts related to the event like name of the organizer, venue, mode, official website URL, coordinator, duration, type of conference and status etc. stated there.
  • Venue - place where it's going to be held. 
  • mode of the conference - whether it's going to be held online or offline will be stated in the mode of the conference. In online mode, scholars can give their presentation remotely, while in the offline mode they have to be present there. The online mode might be looking fascinating but try to avoid it because it limited the chances of interaction with many things which one can learn from being there. But most of the time scholars trie
  •  type of conference -  whether it’s free or paid; if it's paid then the amount in dollars will be shown there.
  • Start date - the date from which the conference is going to begin is stated here.
  • End date - the date where the conference is going to end is stated here.

Sometimes due to some reasons organizers shift their meetings to the next date but most of the scholars and others who wanted to attend remain unaware of that, which might delay the opportunity to represent their work in front of the targeted audience. To save that precious opportunity ABCD index works very hard to maintain updates regularly so that academics would not face much impact and get updated easily.

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