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Students who are doing their masters, ph.d scholars, professors, and researchers conduct research in various subjects like mathematics, physics, bio, medicine, science and technology, robotics, engineering, and other fields related to their curriculum. After doing research in their respective subject they wanted to verify the research with the one who also doing the same or had done work in that field; in other words, they wanted to review their work, and make it available to the one who wanted to do work in the similar field, how it benefits society, environment, and others.

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For all of this, they need to meet people who have similar fields or scholars who are working on the same subject as them so that they can discuss the outcomes of the research they have done so far. To make it approachable to everyone they turn to conferences. Where they can discuss all the stuff related to their research.  

They write papers, articles, and journals about the research they have done and give presentations in front of professors, scholars, academics, and other intellectuals who are experts in their area. 


How do conferences benefit scholars?

 Conferences benefit scholars in many ways, some of them are written below


1. Get a platform where people with similar interests get to know each other, can evaluate each other's work, and make suggestions for improvement if needed.

2.  Can ask relevant questions regarding research from scholars while they are performing their presentations.

3.  Get to know about various research going around all over the world.

4. When scholars give presentations about their work, they also discuss the methods, tools, reasons, what to do and what to avoid; so one can have an idea to do work with minimum effort and have maximum benefits.

5. a man is a social creature who learns quickly with the help of others. So conferences are beneficial to those who want to learn how to present themselves in front of others.

6. Scholars, academics, and whoever represents their work, get a certificate from that conference. This can be useful in their academic career.

7. Good research papers, journals, and articles get published in reputed journals so that they can have broader acceptance and more people get to know about their work.

8. At the end of the conference scholars, academics, researchers, or institutions whose work is remarkable to get an award and certificate for their work.

            9. Some institutes made it compulsory for their fellows to attend at least two conferences in their research field.

            10. Some research institutes offer opportunities for fellow researchers or scholars to visit their laboratories so that they can have experience of interacting with scientists who are working in their field.


How to write research papers for conferences?

New scholars and students who conduct research have to write papers about their research, Not many of them have an idea how to write a research paper so the chances of getting selected are not quite high. For presenting and getting reviewed at the conference one has to write a research paper in a format that is acceptable to the organizing committee. Some of the organizers recommended and made the format available prior to the participants so that they can follow the format for writing and presenting the research. Following and preparing the research paper according to the format provided by the conference will be helpful for both the presenter and organizer as well. To make paper easy to understand arrange content under following points:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Paper Arrangment
  • Literature Survey
  • Problem Identification
  • Methodology
  • Experiment & Result
  • Conclusion
  • References

Apart from this get more details about the paper writing and presentation at conference read articles mentioned below:

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