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International computer science and engineering society /chapter provide assistance in the field of science and technology. It provides assistance for new researchers, and scholars who want to explore the world of science, by valuable remarks; so that research in that area remains prosperous and shows blooming opportunities to other individuals in the field of computer science and engineering.

This blog is going to discuss membership credentials for academic purposes along with the computer science and engineering society, free membership for CSE faculty, and free membership for computer science engineers. At the ABCD index society is denoted by chapter, states by clusters, and countries recognized by regions.

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Any academic journal or indexing site or database society’s membership plays an important role in any academician, scholar, or researcher's academics and career advancement and opens up new possible opportunities for them to make their research better and contribute to the welfare of society by transmitting good quality data for the present as well as the future generation.

Computer science and engineering have been emerging fields of science and technology for the last two decades. This field is so dynamic, its data and findings constantly changing every day. Due to this, keeping an eye on or being updated with every movement going on in this field; around the world is not easy.

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To get verified and authentic knowledge, research topics, current research hot spots, get to know researchers, scholars and academicians in the field, their thoughts, transmission of ideas, and knowledge-sharing channel; one can look for societies/ chapters which is mainly made up for individuals who want to know more scholars in a particular field along with membership in it. If one has a membership of a chapter, then they can use the resources of society whenever needed.

There are many journals and indexing chapters/ societies which offer either paid or free membership for scholars, researchers, and other individuals. To join big societies/ chapters, scholars have to pay in bucks which may not even be fruitful for them as per current needs.

ABCD index is an emerging platform, where every listed department has its own chapters/ societies; which are distributed as per state and country wise so that scholars, researchers, and academicians can interact with both local and international scholars in their fields.

    At present ABCD index’s Science and Engineering chapter /society offerring free membership for CSE faculty along with free membership for computer science engineers so that people from the same field can discuss, share, contribute their opinion, ideas, resources, work and experience for the betterment of their own career as well as for the welfare of mankind and society.

Benefits of joining ABCD Index’s Computer Science and Engineering Chapter

  • Increase network throughout the country.
  • Get society's resources free of cost or at discount.
  • Society’s common page for discussion.
  • Get a secure account login system.
  • get to know more people in your field.
  • Get connected to a wider audience.
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