Indian Journal In UGC Care List



Indian scholars doing research work for Ph.D. courses are bound to publish work in reputed journals having good indexing. These indexing journals are not listed with a country filter, so ABCD provides such a filter to get Indian Journal in UGC Care List. As per UGC CARE they divide approved journals into two categories Group1 and Group2. ABCD portal provides such list, under the following links:

Group 1 Journal List

Social Science List

Science List

Multi Disciplinary List

Art & Commerce List

Group 2 Scopus Journal List

Engineering Journal List

Social Science Journal List

Agriculture List

Economics Journal List

Business Journal List

Pharmaceutical Journal List

Science Journal List



Some of ugc approved journals in india are indexed in Scopus, web of science indexing as well. This article help scholars in India to filter their relevant journal as per topics adopt in the research area. This list of group 2 Scopus journals is taken for showing more relevant journals that are available in ugc approved indian journals 2021 list. In order to get more journals that are Indian and in UGC CARe group, 2 researcher can use the website Indexing filter. Searching for journals may lead to getting correct journal, indexing, country information with paid / free publication as well.


ABCD Index journals are separately mentioned in the indexing as some of Scopus listed journals are doing un-ethical publication without any interference and scholars are taking advantage of such publishers. Many of intermediate provide such publication work. To highlight such publisher ABCD blacklist some of Scopus journals so people get aware of publication. In order to contribute research community around the globe, we invite researchers/professors/Scientists / Scholars to join the ABCD Index platform as reviewers / Scholar and inform about the journal behavior. ABCD platform try to provide fair publication work. In order to register yourself as a reviewer of the Scopus /Web of Science /ABCD portal visit:

Reviewer Registration Form

The scholar can get a good journal list with publication details like correct website name, duration, charges, volume, issue, etc. People who want UGC CARE list of Indian journals use website filter country just type India and click on the search button and get the desired journal. To optimize the journal lists use more relevant or broad keywords per your research work.