Indexing Databases In Research



Journals are publishing research content as per the reviewer's suggestion and editorial decision. Apart from this, no one judges publication content. So Journals need the third validation of its work, so indexing databases in research is highly required.  Such indexing portals are large and have various tools to evaluate journals on different grounds. Many research institutes and education organizations follow indexing portals to improve the quality of work. The various objective of such indexing databases are mentioned below:

    • Improve research quality.
    • Monitor Journal activity.
    • Support young researchers to filter good journals.

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    • Global recognition of journal, author.
    • Increase the reach of journals by its indexing.
    • Contribute to society by enhancing good research work for others.

Some of the good Indexing Databases of Research are:

Many journals and indexing platforms are working for decades.  As in the last three decades internet play a vital role in data access, hence routing to journals is done by indexing agencies. Many of people, colleges, universities, and countries maintain their journals list for publication but for mutual benefits, list data are modified for ease of few scholars. This kind of work is unethical and needs a lot of improvement, as few journals from back date publications work as rust for the nation. These kinds of shortcuts have worse effects on any nations growth. ABCD Index provides a true indexing platform where a researcher can find their area journal by simple keywords, ISSN numbers, and various readymade lists. All data access is free and obtained from the reviewer community we have on the portal.

As per the reviewer comments, reviews, and suggestions we regularly monitor journal activity. This help scholars to get good journals without any cost with various filters like Open Access, Paid, Country, Indexing, review time, etc. Some of the journals are hiding different information on site like publication cost, review time, and indexing coverage years. Paper article indexing as well. Such information is maintained by the indexing portals so improve the research work in every dimension of life.