How To Write A Research Paper For Journal Publication Pdf



Writing with quality is a skill that comes with time so one can practice and follow the format so that they can showcase their work efficiently with minimum errors. The researcher does the research or survey so that the unanswered question will be answered and the work that was left in the middle by others can have progress or end result.

Writing a research paper in a format that shows the work of the researcher in a way that helps other scholars, researchers, academicians, and other people to acquire knowledge about the research is not that difficult. One needs to know minor details about the format then he/she can apply that in their papers so the chances of selection of the paper would be high. 

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A format that will help those who are reading the paper to understand and get the solution of the questions that arise in the reader's mind is a format that is followed by many scholars and researchers. Here are some suggestions for the scholars and fellow researchers, who are preparing or writing their research papers so that they can be assured of their written paper if it needs improvement or has been prepared according to the recommended format. 


Author's name - mention the authors name, designation, contact details, etc. so that readers can have an idea about the credibility of the research.


Title – for selecting a research paper title one has to consider a few things so that the readers could have an idea of the research area and have a positive impact of the research that will help in the papers following. To write a suitable title for a research paper one needs to follow some points those are given below –

    • Must be relatable - A good title should contain information regarding the research. It must be related to the research otherwise it will impact the research paper or journal negatively.
    • Mentioning of tools and methods - Mention of the methods or techniques which one has used while researching or surveying could impact a research paper, article or journal positively and create curiosity in the reader's mind.
    • Clarity of subject - a good title should have clarity of subject so that readers could distinguish between the research and survey. The clarity also helps them in identifying if a particular paper is going to be helpful or not.

Using subtitles - one can also write a subtitle (Footer) for their research work. It can be useful for giving more information about the research.

Comparative Results – In this work, all set of parameters shows that outcome is good and perform well as compared to existing methods/ techniques.

Conclusion – This should be short with a motive to showcase findings of the paper results. Highlight result improvements, problem solutions, and benefits of the proposed model. Always write one line which covers the future of this kind of work for the reader to continue the research.

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