How To Submit An Article For Publication In A Journal



Young researchers are always excited to publish research articles in international journals. So first time author experience needs a lot of precaution to select a journal. Hence many of authors want to know that how to submit an article for publication in a journal, to guide such people just crosscheck few of following points: 

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  • Get journals have verified electronic publication authority or E-ISSN number by the ISSN organization.
  • Check the publication domain of the journal as few journals do publication in a specific domain that matches the relevant content.
  • To check more about the paper content quality crosscheck a few random abstracts of the authors. This helps to understand that journal's current publishing domain.
  • Few journal publication costs are high hence authors can check journals in advance about the publication fees.
  • Review time and process is another factor of the publication so scholars can check in advance and consult with the editor before paper submission.
  • In case if authors do not find the fees or get free publication then cross check that journal may or may not charge for the number of pages, color diagram, etc.

Once all conditions are satisfied then only submit paper for publication. To reduce this stress of multiple checks and precautions ABCD Index developed RAMP. This portal filters all verified journals that have valid ISSN, especially electronic. Check website terms of publication and commitment of the publisher to the author. So this one portal will help authors to submit papers and wait for journal responses. Interested journal approach to the author with all set of conditions like fees and review time. Author can approve the journal for review. So authors do not need to manually check journal validity one by one. Apart from this ABCD categorizes journals as per the performance on 4 classes. Author can select a journal and can do publication. Many of the journals on the RAMP portal are FREE. 

yesSubmit Research Paper/ Article Now 

It is always suggested to check submitted content before submission that all diagrams and other information, equations, references are visible and readable or not. Sometimes if the reviewer does not find the diagram or relevant reference then the paper gets rejected. Publication is a serious business so always take care of content and select a journal that matches your requirement either Indexing, Fees, Impact Factor, etc.

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