How To Submit A Journal Article



Research in any field of academics needs continuous efforts from scholars and researchers devoted to the development of the research area on various levels. An academic individual does research and writes it down on the paper so that others in the field would be able to understand the purpose of the research, methods, results and findings thoroughly along with the need and scope of the research in respect to achieve future goals. Scholars seek platforms where they can submit article for publication without further delay. As there are a variety of platforms available today which makes them confused about what to chose or where to submit article for publication

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To get a reliable platform that allows article submitted for publication on their platform one can rely on the ABCD Index. It is a free to access platform that works for quality research for the next generation.    

How to submit article for publication

  • Go to journals official website and explore it to find submission page of that journal
  • Click on the submit manuscript menu. This action will lead towards the submission page of the journal.
  • Paper submission process varies from journal to journal. Some journals directly accept papers via mail while some prefer forms for paper submission at their portal. So make sure which way the journal is accepting the paper and follow the one convenient to you.
  • If a journal accepts research papers or articles directly via mail then read the author guidelines carefully and prepare the paper in a format provided by the journal. After this, write a letter to the journal editor with the manuscript written by you and send it through the email address provided by the journal for paper submission.
  • If a journal accepts articles via form then read the form once to know which type of details asked by the publisher then fill the details requested by the journal carefully. 
  • Generally journals ask for details like - title of the paper, abstract, keywords related to the research paper or article. Apart from this, they asked for author name, corresponding author name, email address, country, college/ university or other affiliation details for contact. 
  • After filling all the necessary information, move to the next part of the paper submission. Here one has to upload the manuscript in the format asked by the journal or publisher. 
  • At last cross check whether all the details are correct or not; especially the email address as it is the sole medium via which the journal will notify about the progress of the paper. If everything is correct then make the final submission by clicking on the submit button.
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