How To Publish Research Paper In International Journal Free



Research is a part of academics. Anyone who belongs to the academic and research community or opting for a research oriented career needs to do research in their respective subjects or research fields. Not only this, they have to pen down their research so that others working on the same can be aware of the research findings and promote further to contribute more for the development of the research field. 

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After writing the research paper, scholars usually seek platforms where they can publish their research work to learn, examine, recommend, or refer to others in the field. International journals introduce ones research work to the global audience and make it known among the present as well as upcoming generation. As research is a continuous process, scholars often look for free journals and search how to publish research paper in international journal free. Publishing a paper in an international journal without charges is not that difficult; one just has to focus on the quality content of the research paper rather than other secondary things like formatting. 

This blog contain the steps that help scholars in finding how to publish research paper in international journal for free. They are as follows:

  • Firstly, find a journal related to the research domain or field one is working. To find a good journal just go to ABCD Index portal and search for a journal by putting keywords related to ones research areas.
  • Explore the journal website and find the manuscript submission option of that journal. After finding the menu click on the button, this action would lead one to the submission page window.
  • Fill in the details like- paper title, abstract, authors, keywords, personal details - name, email address, affiliation, department, country etc.
  • Most of the journals ask authors to fill the manuscript submission form. All the communication till the publication would rely on this form information so fill it carefully as some of them do not provide editing after submission.
  • Read all the instructions carefully so that any type of mistakes would be avoided and chances of getting acceptance increase.
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