How To Publish A Research Paper In UGC Approved Journal



Publication in a good indexing journal depends on research quality, the novelty of work, content presentation, author experience. Out of different indexing, some of the scholars are searching for UGC-CARE Index journals and want to know how to publish paper in UGC Approved Journal. This article help scholars to identify good journals and some easy steps to publish its content in the UGC-CARE journal.

Caution before Journal Selection for publication

  1. Always select UGC-CARE journal, not UGC approved. As some of the journals were listed in UGC approved list in 2017 to 2019, but most of them were removed after june 2019.
  2. Always cross-check journal website from ABCD portal by correct ISSN number, as few people make clone site of listed international journals.
  3. Select online journals only for publication, as this always help in improving paper citation.

Group 1 Journal List

Social Science List

Science List

Multi Disciplinary List

Art & Commerce List

Group 2 Scopus Journal List

Engineering Journal List

Social Science Journal List

Agriculture List

Economics Journal List

Business Journal List

Pharmaceutical Journal List

Science Journal List


Steps of how to publish paper in ugc approved journal is mention below. As per UGC group 2 Scopus journal list is also accepted for publication so scholars having the question of How to publish a research paper in scopus is also answered in below steps:

  • As per the research topic search for some good journals online.
  • Consult about those journals with a mentor.
  • Check publication fees of that journal.
  • Improve the paper content as per published paper on journals, flow, result section, etc.
  • Always submit a paper of good length 12 to 18 pages.
  • Try to include sub authors having a good profiles (Already have a good number of publications).
  • Authors having good institution profiles have a high chance of paper selection.
  • Flow submission guideline of the journal.
  • It's a suggestion for beginners to publish papers in an average journal like Scopus, ESCI, ABCD C category, journals. Submission to SCI type of journal needs writing skill and improvement in research quality.
  • Publication charge of the journal should be check before submission as some of the journal charge in dollars that may be quite high for the scholar to pay.
  • If the paper accepts for review in a journal then wait for its reviewer response. Try to communicate with an editor for a fast reviewer response.


I hope this article helps scholars to get the answer of how to publish a paper in ugc journal, filter good journal and get a publication. ABCD is a good platform for correct publication information, one can always cross check any information about the journal.