How To Publish A Research Paper In ABCD Index Approved Journal



Students, scholars, and researchers perform academic and research activities as per their domain or research areas. They write research papers to inform other individuals or academicians who belong to the same field around the globe. So that others can learn what they have done to get the desired results and decide what they can do for the growth of their field.

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ABCD Index is one of the top indexing platforms which provide indexing to journals related to any field. This platform has a wide range of departments that covers almost every field. One can find journals related to their field by using filters given on the site. It helps in finding accurate data in a short time. ABCD Index is an indexing platform. It provides indexing for journals, accredited departments, industries, universities, etc. and it has databases related to all domains.

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Researchers and academicians do research on various topics. Conducting research and writing research papers are two separate things. Writing a research paper is quite tiresome for some individuals as they are good at research but may be not that good in writing. Acquiring writing skills in just some time is not a piece of cake for everyone. Gaining excellence in something requires time and guidance at the same time. As it is known researchers won’t have that much time. Not only researchers but people related to any field have only one complaint and that is they don’t have time.

So without wasting the time let’s focus on what should be done to balance our work so that it can be approved and understandable by others.  One can go through this blog to find out how to improve their skills.

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How To Publish A Research Paper In ABCD Index Approved Journal ?

One can use the following steps given below to find the journals approved by ABCD Index:

Step 1 – Open the ABCD index home page and search journals related to your field.

Step 2 – To search journals, go to the search tab and type keywords related to the field you are looking for then click on the search button. (Random list of Journals related to your field will show up on the screen)

Step 3 – Go to the filter section and apply filters to search the Journals approved by ABCD Index as per one’s country or internationally. 

Step 4 – Select free / Paid journals as per your need. By default, It shows all the journals; so If one is looking for free / paid journals then select free / paid from the options.

Step 5 – In the next step indexing buttons were given select ABCD Index from the Journal indexing list given under the indexing menu.

Step 6 – ABCD index lists journals under four categories A, B, C, D. Select any one category from the options, otherwise,  It shows all journals by default.

Step 7 - Click on the search button. 

A list of journals approved by the ABCD Index as per your selection will be shown on the screen.

ABCD Index platform supports true and authentic work. One can verify the information related to journals through the official links provided at the ABCD Index portal.