How To Publish A Research Paper In International Journal



Researchers always publish their hard work with international journals. So many young scholar’s want to learn how to publish a research paper. Searching a journal for publication needs an eagle eye to get a journal of relevant area and match all requirements. Many authors want to do publication in journals that take low time to review, with less revision, and publication cost.

Many scholars are searching journals and waiting for responses but most of the time publications decline or the cost of publication is very high. Hence getting the relevant journal with verified journal is tough for new authors. To help such candidates and make the publication process easy, fast and transparent ABCD-Index platforms brings a RAMP portal. Publication by this is a one stop solution for all set of researchers, publishers and readers. Researchers who are not aware of How to Publish a Research Paper can easily do the same job with expert skills. 

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So steps of publication is simple: 

·Just submit a paper at RAMP portal and wait for Journals who select your paper for review. Now the author has a choice of journals who are interested in reviewing the paper for publication. All sets of requesting journals are verified by the ABCD-Index platform. Apart from verification journals are categorized into A, B, C, D classes. Categorized journals helps authors to know which journal is approaching for the review.

·Author can accept review requests of 3 Journals at a time. Hence this saves authors time as if any journal rejects the paper after review then the author will with another journal. Apart from this if the journal is looking for the publication then it is very well known about the charges, time, etc.

·Finally the author can do publication with an accepted journal. In order to reduce the review time RAMP provides some tools that automatically reduce the communication time like email, whatApp, and customer support as well. 

Publication for the good of the journal needs a wait of 1 week now. So this portal helps authors to submit at one platform then only relevant journals will come up with review requests and all sets of publication conditions like review time, fees, open access, etc. RAMP is trying to solve a major issue of Journal selection for paper publication. Apart from this it reduces the time of publication as well. Autos can easily trust journals as RAMP is right there for all sets of doubts and other responsibilities.  

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