How To Publish A Paper In Journals For Free



International journals provides publication to research content in specific research area. Scholars need publication in valid journal with open access. But most of authors prefer free journal for paper publication. Many of journals are doing this free publication but reach to such journals need experience. Apart from this some of journals do some social work for few authors who are financially weak. Few of journal who provide only free publication as they get funds from other sources takes high Review Time, so such patience is tough for young scholars who are looking to finish degree.

yesSubmit Research Paper/ Article Now 

Few of journals provide free set of publication for promotion of research activities but reach to those at right time is tough. Hence to support scholars who are looking for free journal for paper publication one need to submit paper and wait for reviewer response, this normally takes 2 weeks. After review process paper status (Accept / Reject) is share with journal details. Once author confirm the publication with copyright form then paper get publish without any fee.

Many of scholars are taking advantage of this No article processing fee program. So following are the simple steps of the publication:

  • Author Submit Paper.
  • Author get paper submission email.
  • Review process is around two weeks.
  • Author get paper status accept / Re-submit / Reject.
  • Author need to correct paper if hard reviews have a re-submit status.
  • Author can resubmit paper as per reviewer comments.
  • Finally submit copyright form and other formalities.
  • Get the live publication link of paper with indexing.

People who are willing to find the unpaid journals can submit paper now and take advantage of this program. In order to improve the research activities among young scholars, no need of initial formatting is required for the paper submission. So authors can submit paper in their own format and file (doc, pdf, latex, etc.). Paper publication without any cost is a kind of proud as only good quality papers were select for these kind of publication. Further mentor / department also feel that they not need to bear any publication cost, just because of good paper.

Reach of upaid publication with open access is very high and fulfill the goal of the researcher, this attract other researcher towards your work. I strongly recommend journals to submit paper for free article publication, before paying to any journal who are just publishing for money. Finally before submission consult with the guide for the same as they will help author for content improvement and increase the chance of selection. Scholars who are good in writing and research can definitely approach to the journals for the free publication as this increases the value of journal, increase impact factor of journal.



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