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Colleges, universities, and other academic institutes organize conferences from time to time to discuss progress, discoveries, and outcomes of the research in the specific field. But what will they get if no one participates in that conference? Because no matter how nice you develop things or create something it will be valued when people recognize it. That also applies to conferences no matter how interesting or well organized they are, it will be successful when others will know about the conference and make it successful by participating and attending it. So this blog is going to help you in finding how to promote an international conference. 

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How to Promote a Conference?

In this segment we are going to share some ideas through which one can promote their conferences at national and international level and get more people to make their conferences successful. They are as follows:

  • Social network sites
  • Emails
  • Twitter
  • Groups
  • Networking
  • Ask colleagues 
  • Short videos
  • Collaboration

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Social sites – We can see almost everyone is on one of the social network sites whether its a child or an elder. Every day begins with a new trend, as most of the people spend their very time online so it will be easy to share information among the group of academicians and researchers. One can promote their conferences on social networking sites and connect to a vast audience to get good exposure to their conferences.

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Emails – Emails are one of the great sources of transmitting the information around the globe. As it can be seen that people usually do official work through their mail id. So if one is informed via mail it will surely get their attention.

Direct Mails – One can promote an international conference by directly mailing individuals to their inbox.

Ask colleagues – Ask colleagues to share the conference information to their friends and students. This will help in approaching more people to the conference.

Networking – Networking is one of the sources to spread information to the larger audience from ancient times. Use networking to promote the conference.

Twitter – Twitter is a widely known information sharing platform. One can share updates about their conference on twitter. As many academic and research persons use Twitter for regular updates. Through this update, they can be aware of the conference and can share this information with their friends, students, and colleagues.

Short video – Make a short video that includes information regarding conference like, venue, date, speaker, topic etc. so that people who are looking for conferences can have brief information about the conference. It will help them in deciding whether they should join this conference or not.

Collaboration – One can promote their conferences by collaborating with third parties which promote the event through their networks and various channels.

ABCD Index also promotes conferences on its platform. They share conference information through various channels and make it successful by ensuring their reach to the research and academic individuals around the globe.