How To Index My Journal



Selection of Indexing site for an international journal depends on journal content. So before submission of journal to any of indexing portal international journal should list following set of parameters:

  1. Editorial Board Member profiles
  2. Publisher Details
  3. Previous publication
  4. Website important links like author guideline, review process, submission process, etc.
  5. Reviewer list also plays an important role.
  6. Indexing of journal on other sites
  7. Paper publication format / style, reference format.
  8. Publication language

All above information are cross check by the indexing site. As most of points are basic and improve immediately by the publisher but arrangement of reviewer team and good publication is time taken process, so I suggest that good indexing platforms do not accept new journals having life of less than 3 years this period is enough to publish only good papers with knowledge full reviewers. It was suggest for editor to do communication by email with authors as any of data requirement is always trace by the emails.

So basic search of How to index my journal is resolved under following heads:

  1. Register on the Indexing portal with an valid email id of editor.
  2. Indexing portal ask following set of details like:

Editor information

Publisher details

Number of volume/ issue in a year

Publication medium Online, Offline

Special issue / Conferences Details

Indexing on other portal Links

A reviewer list as per their expertise

  1. After submission of basic details indexing portal may send you some trailing emails for more cross information of journal like Paper format, Copyright form, Publication certificates, Paid/Free condition of publication, etc.
  2. Each trailing email should be revert very carefully by the editor as at any stage indexing portal may reject or hold your indexing on journal.
  3. Once any of indexing portal accept an indexing of site they may ask journal to list their name on journal portal and provide digital certificate as well.

Indexing sites of journal are independent body they can list any journal and remove any journal without any prior information so its an request to journals that always follow rules or policies of good indexing platforms and maintain journal indexing. I suggest editors to always select indexing sites that can list journal and its papers as well so that they can also get popular between other researchers that ultimately increases the citation count of paper and journal.