How To Increase Citation



Students, Academicians & researchers conduct various research in groups or individually. They write research papers or articles in journals to increase the reach of their works. Citation of one’s work indicates the credibility and reliability of the work done by the researcher in their field. It helps in getting grants, recognition in the field, and in advancing their career

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As discussed citation plays an important role in any researcher's or academician’s career. It is used to authenticate the work of others by giving them the credit of their work. The number of citation scores helps academicians in various aspects of their career advancements. There are many things by that one can increase their citation score. In this segment of the blog some basic and important tips are going to be share so that scholars, researchers and other academicians can aware of the basic things that will help them in gaining more citations for their research work or profile.

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How to increase the citation

The important tips to increase the citation of one’s work are discussed in the following points given below:

1. Cite your Self

2. Publish in High impact factor Journals

3. Publish Review paper

4. Increase Visibility

5. Use other platforms

6. Collaboration with other researchers

7. Open access journals

8. Active Keywords

9. Join discussion forums

10. Give a reason to others to cite your work.

1. Cite your Self – Cite your work while writing another new manuscript for publishing the research work that will increase the citation as well as more people will get to know your work.

2. Publish in High impact factor Journals – Impact factor plays a crucial part in identifying a journal's credibility so publishing one's research papers or articles in a journal that has high impact factor would increased the chances of the work get more citations.

3. Publish Review paper – Generally Review papers gets more citation in compare to research or academic papers or articles. So try to write some review papers that will help you in getting more citation score.

4. Increase Visibility – At present, where everything is available on the internet so the research databases. One can use social networking sites to connect to others in the field and increases their presence. This way someone who are in need of that or others will be easily aware of your work that’s how you can increase the citation of the research work.

5. Use other platforms - The researcher can use platform like research gate or ABCD Index which promotes Researchers profile to others. This type of platform will be helpful in increasing the citation. One can also join research communities like ABCD Index Chapter where likeminded people helps each other in promoting their works.