How To Check UGC Approved Journal



In India as per new UGC norms for PhD degrees UGC care listed journals are in high demand. But scholars do not have sufficient information on how to check UGC approved Journal. This article helps those people who are looking for finding a list of the journal that UGC Care maintains as valid publication bodies. If we talk about journals UGC CARE divides these into Group I and Group II. ABCD portal provide each list separately:

Group 1 Journal List

Social Science List

Science List

Multi Disciplinary List

Art & Commerce List

Group 2 Scopus Journal List

Engineering Journal List

Social Science Journal List

Agriculture List

Economics Journal List

Business Journal List

Pharmaceutical Journal List

Science Journal List

To get more information for verifying any UGC approved Journal Just follow the below steps:

  1. Find the ISSN number of the journal. ISSN is eight character sequence allot to the journal for publication.
  2. Open the home page of the ABCD portal and type/paste ISSN number on the search bar and click on the search button.
  3. Search result gives the journal information like Name, Country, Indexing Information, Submission link, area of publication, etc.
  4. The Journal page has an indexing section that clears the author that what all-important indexing a journal have like Scopus, Web of Science, UGC-CARE, ABCD.

ABCD portal continuously monitors the UGC care portal and updates its database accordingly. AS UGC portal only provide list of Group I journal only. Group II journals are on separate websites so instead of visiting all portals provide all information about the journal. One more benefit of ABCD is if any of the journals get out of any indexing then that history was also maintained by the portal. To learn more for check ugc approved journal watch video for getting complete information about the searching of

The direct way to get Group I UGC care list is to visit on UGC-CARE website and register yourself. Once get register then login into the CARE portal. On that portal you can get Group I list of journals with the same ISSN-based search option as given in the ABCD portal. But Portal do not prove any website-related information, a number of indexing, issues in a year, about the journal. This list is a simple name of publisher, journal, ISSN/P-ISSN number. Due to this partial information, some of the authors get bluffed by people who make clone or fake sites of publication. ABCD portal filter such clone sites and list it separately to get the correct publication. Hope the above steps are clear for the scholars, researchers, professors, etc. ABCD portal provides correct journal information with a suggestion that how long a journal takes for publication, paid / Free, Language of publication, etc. Hope people can easily resolve their issue of how to check ugc care list journal or how to check if a journal is ugc approved, ABCD portal resolves all such major gaps.