How To Check Scopus Journals On ABCD Index



In the world of the web, a lot of data is added on a daily basis. Lots of journals and research papers are also published in bulk. Finding data relevant to you from this heap of collections is not a cup of tea for everyone. Even if you get the information it's hard to distinguish if the source of information you get is reliable or not. If the source of the data you got is not trustworthy it will lead you to lack credibility, acceptance, and dependability. Being a scholar or researcher you know how credibility matters. In this wide and dynamic world of accessing data, you may encounter some fake sources too, which claim to be accepted globally.

In that case, the probability of getting a good quality journal for the reference is not very high, that is where you can use the ABCD index platform. On the ABCD index platform, you can find journals according to your convenience or need. This platform provides free access to researchers, scholars, publishers, and for everyone who wanted to acquire knowledge in the field of Social, economics, environment, science and arts. You can also find journals and research papers list which are approved by ABCD index.

Scopus is an abstract and citation-based database which recognized globally. Many scholars, academicians, and universities prefer scopus-approved journals for their further research. This article is are going to help you how to find Scopus approved journals on ABCD index platform. By using this you can easily find a list of journals, and research papers related to your field.

To find Scopus approved journals on ABCD index, you have to follow some easy steps given below –

Step I - Search ABCD on the search bar of your search engine. now click on the link, this will lead you to the home page of ABCD index.

Step II - Now you can see the home page of the ABCD index. In the middle of the page you can locate the search bar of the ABCD index, where you can insert keywords related to yout field of research. Now click on the search button in the search tab.

Step III – On the right side of the page, you can see the list of journals related to the field you are looking for. On the left side of the page get four kinds of filters, which are country, paid/free, indexing, and rating. Where you can use these filters to access the information you are seeking. For example you wanted to search journals from country ‘X’, so click on the country option and select country ‘X’ from drop down menu.

Step IV – if you are looking for either a free or paid journal just go to free/paid option in filter and mark your preference. Then move to indexing box. When you click on the indexing option a drop down menu will open. Where you can find various other indexing that publishes and review journals. Now please select the indexing you are looking for like scopus.

Step V – In this step you can Select ratings A, B, C, or D from rating option( If you want to choose your journal according to their ratings).

Step VI – After filling necessary fields, Now click on the search button.

To get more help watch the video shown below


How to Become Journal Reviewer

After following the above steps, You can see the list of journals you are looking for and filter them according to your feasibility also make sure to mention it to your mentor as well.