How To Check Scopus Indexed Journals



International journals indexed in Scopus are in high demand as many of scholars are searching for such journals as per their research interest. Many of international journal says that they are indexed in scopus, so how to check scopus indexed journals if the journal is claiming that it is indexed. Few steps are shown below:

    1. Copy ISSN / PISSN number of the journal. It’s a eight-digit character sequence. ISSN is for electronic publication and PISSN is for print publication.
    2. Open ABCD Index site and paste ISSN / PISSN number.
    3. As per ISSN details portal search journal name, country, publisher detail, etc.
    4. ABCD provides an indexing list of journal-like Scopus, web of science, UGC-CARE, NAAS, etc.
    5. So as per the journal's current indexing, ABCD portal provides such information.

So to check Scopus validity of a journal follow the above steps and get correct and current journal details. In some cases, the journal is in Scopus but people are misguiding scholars and provide publication at some different sites. To help the researcher in such conditions ABCD Index portal provides publication website details as well. In the case of publication cost information is shared with the country filter. Some of the journals are index in more than one indexing, so the list of all such indexing is mention by the portal. As per visitor review and our continuous watch on journal website we rate journal in four category A, B, C D, where A is best category journals. Publisher information is also very helpful for the scholars to get publication advantage. If the journal is doing any unfair publication in high volume then we update on page and inform scholars about their suspicious activities which might lead to removal from indexing.

So this best source of scopus index journal is:

scopus indexed journals in computer science

scopus indexed multidisciplinary journals in india

scopus indexed social science journals

scopus indexed environmental journals

scopus indexed pathology journals

scopus indexed humanities journal

scopus indexed indian journals in english literature

monthly published scopus indexed journals in management


As per different category scholars can desire a filter the list of journals given in the above list. In order to get more journals to use different keywords, filter options (Paid/Free, Country, Indexing). Reaching a journal with correct indexing done by ABCD by its reviewer network as some of the journals may tentatively remove from the Scopus indexing, so such information is also provided by the reviewer to update/alert authors before submission.

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