How To Become Editorial Board Member Of A Journal



Researchers, Professors always want to become an editor member of a reputed journal as per the research area. So many people search for how to become editorial board member of a journal. In order to become an editor of a journal, an author needs to apply by filling a form to the concerned journal. Process of such type of approach is the time taken and unpredictable to be sure to get the opportunity. ABCD portal provide a platform for reviewer to register themselves with a profile view. This profile is publically open for all as portal has publisher visits so many of publishers filter scholars of there research interest and they can directly approach reviewer. This flexibility help researcher to become reviewer, editorial board member, editor, etc. Before applying for editorial board member people should check the following points to improve the chance of selection:

Register Here to become a Reviewer

  1. Specify a Broad research area with some topics.
  2. Collect a good set of papers (Own) and links of publication to showcase your work.
  3. Share college university faculty profile page where your name mentions clearly, this is to check details of the author.
  4. Elaborate yourself by notifying your academic, professional, research journey.
  5. Share details of association with organization, journals, conferences, membership.
  6. Submit your resume as well to increase your chance of selection.

All above journal information increase visibility of scholars to publishers, colleges, university as well. ABCD provides a follower count that directly or indirectly specifies the following of your research work, guidance. As ABCD has all kind of research requirements from publishers so we promote your profile to become an editorial board member of a journal. Send Resume at and we prepare your profile to connect people.

This article helps scholars to get free editorial members ship as well. We have list of some journals that can provide review papers as well to review with some remuneration. ABCD monitor journals activity by Journal Review Committee (JRC), so some of selected candidates as per profile are requested to provide journal paper quality comments. In order to make fair publication, we are promoting reviewers at our platform and bound some of the journals to select our reviewers in your committee for selection or rejection of papers as per research domain. Very soon some of the badges were provided for the reviewer as per their contribution on platform and research work. Editorial board members of a journal have some responsibilities as well:

  1. Check email from the journal.
  2. Reply / revert on email within the time limit.
  3. Reviewer should be fare while commenting for a paper.
  4. The reviewer can inform ABCD any of unethical activity done by the Journal like back date publication, plagued paper publication, rejected paper publication, unfair charges of publication.