How To Become An International Journal Reviewer



A journal reviewer is someone who evaluates journals depending upon the required criteria, quality, accuracy, and competence to uphold its integrity and to maintain the quality of the journal. A journal reviewer has to volunteer their time to keep the journals in check. The reviewer will read the paper and provide feedback on the same.

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The end decision of the journal depends upon the editor but a journal reviewer’s part is significant in the play. Be it the international journals or the publication of research papers a journal reviewer is always there to define the value of the paper and make feedback on it, add comments if any changes are required.

Work of a journal reviewer 

Journal reviewers' work is a very time-intensive process as reviewing a paper can be as hectic as writing a paper. There are a few factors that a journal reviewer must ensure while reviewing international journals or while publication of research papers.

  • The journal reviewers take part in the peer-review system to maintain the standards of the process.
  • Uphold the integrity of the paper by identifying invalid means of writing, or plagiarism in the writing.
  • To fulfil the area of research, preventing ethical breaches, and other problems that might come in future.

How to become a journal reviewer?

Becoming a journal reviewer can be worth spending your time on, the review process can be highly knowledgeable and can improve one's sensibility of writing and reviewing papers. Here are a few tips that might help you with the process of becoming a journal reviewer of all time.

  • You may ask your friends about it, who are already reviewing for a journal so that they can recommend you.
  • Try to network more with the editors who attend professional conferences.
  • Check for the society's learned members so that you can network with more people.
  • Contact the journal publishers who are in search of journal reviewers, give yourself a chance.
  • Work with a senior researcher who might give you the responsibility of reviewing some of the works.

You can find another way to become a journal reviewer, you have to start from the start, and that is why you can also try mentoring programs for researchers that want to become reviewers early. This might help you network with people the same as yours, who would like to write reviews for international journals and research papers and more.

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