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Students, Ph.D. scholars, and others are often advised by their mentors to join any academic or research society /chapter to obtain multiple options for their academic and research growth. But most of them do not have an idea of how to become a member of society. In this blog, one will get answers to the above question. Apart from that many researchers, academicians, colleges, universities, and other academic institutes also seek societies related to their departments for gaining information and audience related to their field worldwide. Some of the reasons that inclined academics toward societies or chapters are as follows:

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  • Increase people network.
  • To get an audience related to their department/field.
  • To know ongoing developments in the research area.
  • Get to know other experts in the field.
  • Get access to resources, instruments, information etc.
  • Get to know fellows who have similar research areas.

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Why do academicians need a Society or Chapter and where to find it?

Academicians, scholars, fellow academics, researchers, and other individuals, mostly spend their valuable time in teaching, researching, and conducting various academic and research activities on a daily basis. They didn’t have much time to know other things or activities going around them globally. Societies/ chapters related to their fields compose similar minds in one place so that they can get to know about each other’s work, findings, and developments in particular fields. Because of all of this academicians needs a society or chapter. 

How to become a Member of a Society /Chapter?

Many journals, research labs, industries publishing houses, and indexing sites/platforms, offer membership in the community. Scholars can go through their websites and find societies or chapters according to their departments. 

ABCD Index is a platform that provides information about academic and research areas for students, scholars, fellow scholars, professors, researchers, academicians, colleges, universities, research labs, and other academic or research institutes. So academics from all around the world would get authentic data, news, resources, instruments, etc. through that platform.

 ABCD index platform provides different types of membership for students, academicians, journals, research labs, industry, colleges, universities, etc. after getting a membership they can avail several benefits through ABCD Index membership.

Benefits of ABCD Index membership

  • Get discounts in ABCD registered conferences/seminars/workshops/events.
  • Get discounts in publishing research papers, or articles in ABCD registered journals.
  • Get funding/ grants/ sponsorship.
  • Get recommendations.
  • Get global recognition.
  • Get to know more similar minds across the world.
  • Increase reach throughout the world.
  • Increase citations of your work.
  • Share your valuable suggestions for the betterment of the academic and research area.
  • Share /update conferences, seminars, events, scholarships, funding, and requirements through Page Posting on ABCD Index platform.
  • Stay up to date about new findings and development in the academic and research world.

  How to become a member of the ABCD Index

  • To become a member of the ABCD index chapter, one has to follow some steps mentioned in the following sentences given below:
  • Firstly go to the ABCD Index home page then select the membership menu from the menu tab.
  • Click on member login; (by clicking on member login member’s login page would be open on your screen)
  • Register yourself on the ABCD index platform.
  • Add your profile and publications.
  • Now apply for ABCD membership through the APPLY for MEMBERSHIP menu.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the ABCD Index team.
  • After reviewing you will be notified by email. 

The ABCD index platform offers free access to its database For all of its users. It accredited organizations, laboratories, businesses, industries, universities, tools, etc. to spread the concept of quality control. In order to raise the level of recognition for their accomplishments around the world, ABCD Index also aids in promoting research, ideas, goods, and findings among the international community.


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