How To Attend International Conferences For Free



Students, scholars and researchers who conduct research and write research papers or want to write research papers attend conferences due to various benefits and opportunities one will get just by attending the international conference. benefits like meeting experts, knowing current trends, methods, ideas, how to present research papers, get to know other researchers, finding a guide / mentor, or planning their next research are exceptional.

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By attending an international conference, one can get way more exposure to themselves compared to a native one. That is the reason why people seek international conferences. Mode of the conferences mainly are two types online and offline. Sometimes they are organized in a hybrid mode also. Some institutes organize conferences for free whereas others are paid. Generally, international conferences are paid. 

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Conferences are one of  the good source to know the current flow of the subject or areas in a particular field. So students and young scholars usually seek conferences to gain experience in the field. 

As mentioned above, most of the International conferences are paid so individuals that are in the early phase of their life, didn’t have that much money to spend on attending conferences. So they seek help through various channels to get the funds for attending an international conference.

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Apart from that many young scholars who are pursuing PhD or masters are advised to attend conferences by their guide or mentor so that they can have multiple opportunities. They also seek assistance or help in attending a conference. So they often search how to get funding to attend a conference or how to attend international conferences for free online.

This blog will help such students and scholars to get a platform where they can find enough funding to attend an international conference. At present, there are various platforms that provide information regarding conferences, and funding. Although they provide information regarding academics they are not able to understand the needs of an academician and researcher.

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The need of an academic and research person can be known only by the person who had gone through the same situations or had faced the situation like this. The ABCD index platform  is a result of the hard work of many researchers who have faced all the difficulties that a scholar has gone through while performing or initiating any research.

At the ABCD index, one can find all the information regarding conferences, research databases, publications, indexing, funding, laboratories, and many more. 

One can find funding resources at the ABCD Index Page Posting section where academic and research-related news and information are shared. Students and others can find funding and sponsorship for their attending conferences by applying directly at the website of the organizations.

Apart from that they can also search for other conferences going to be held in upcoming months in their respective fields.