How To Add Conference On ABCD Index



From ancient times colleges, universities or any kind of institutes that provide knowledge or work in the field of humanities, social sciences, science and other aspects of intellect, have always conducted research on different types of subjects or things that may affect our beloved environment, earth, and society. The professors, scholars, and academics of these institutes conduct conferences from time to time so that they can share or discuss the progress or outcomes of their research.

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Writing something is easier than making it reachable to everyone. In that case, they always need something or some kind of platform where they can inform more people related to their studies to join that discussion and present their outcomes. Since most of the conferences are organized on short notice, organizers don’t have sufficient time to inform targeted audiences beyond their reach.

 In that case platforms like ABCD Index become quite handy to them. ABCD index is a platform that provides free access to information not only nationally but internationally also. They gave access to reach a global audience working in the same field;  to colleges, universities, research institutes, research labs, and others who wanted to organize conferences on their level.

ABCD index platform gives a facility to add conference on ABCD platform to universities and other organizers who are seeking audience not only in their country but also globally.

To add a conference on ABCD platform kindly use the steps as follows:

Step 1 – Open the ABCD index platform’s home page.

Step 2 – On the top of the home page some menus like home, about, and reviewers are visible on your screen; in this step go to the reviewer tab and select and click on the login or signup option from the drop-down list of reviewer menu.

Step 3 –  The login page will be visible on your screen, fill in the login details like email address and password then click on the login button.

            “login successfully” this message will be shown on the screen.

Step 4 - After successful login in, one can see the dashboard of their account on the left side of their page. Below the dashboard, some other options are also visible there. Find and select conferences from the options given there.

Step 5 – after clicking on the conference, a drop-down list will pop up, kindly select ADD conference from the list. If someone wants to add more than one conference they can add that as well.

Step 6 - A detailed form will be seen on your screen, kindly fill all the necessary details related to the conference like organizer detail, type of conference, country, title on which research papers will be accepted, starting date, end date, venue, coordinator detail, official website, mode of the conference, etc.

Step 7 – After filling all the essential information regarding the conference, kindly recheck the information so that the possibility of neglecting any important detail will be zero or remain minimum before submitting the form.

            ABCD index platform’s internal team will cross-check the details about the conference mentioned in the form.  It will take 2 to 3 days to review the information provided by the entity. ABCD platform supports transparent, credible, and authentic conferences which make ABCD index a reliable partner and platform trusted by global scholars and academics.

After verifying all the details the ABCD index platform makes that live so that everyone who is seeking a conference related to their stream can have all the information regarding that particular conference.

 Scholars, reviewers, academics, universities, and other institutes who conduct conferences or have knowledge of upcoming conferences can add conference details on ABCD index platform so that interested scholars, academics, publishers, and students can attend and present their work in front of experts who excel in their work.