Graduate Research Fellowship Program



Research is an ongoing process that has been present since ancient times. Humans have curious minds. This curiosity led them to find their answers about why? when? where? And how the formation and dismantling happen around them and so on. Thanks to this curiosity todays generation have all the facilities and comfort that were absent from the life of people just a century ago. So research plays a very crucial part in the life of human beings. But following the path of research is not as easy as it seems.

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The graduate research fellowship program

Students who have an interest in research in the field of science, mathematics, engineering, or any other subjects and are determined to pursue a career in the research field for the betterment of society and themselves; can go for the graduate research programs. In other words, students who are in the early stage of their careers and want to opt for a research-oriented career can look for a graduate research fellowship program. These types of fellowships are offered to especially graduate personnel. 

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 There are countless choices available out there to update ones capability to the next level. For instance, online courses, learning specific expertise, certificate courses, regular degree programs, and so on. To do this there is one more choice too which is joining a fellowship program.

The graduate research fellowship program intends to help graduate students who have meritorious backgrounds and want to do research in their chosen fields. It helps in paying their tuition fees, and other resources. it may also provide the living cost and other expenses that a graduate student has to deal with for their academic and professional growth. 

Research fellowships are funded by the government as well as private companies, or academic and research institutes. During the fellowship, fellow researchers work under the guidance of experienced professors, senior research associates, etc.

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Fellowship Benefits

Makes you a straight thinker - Many students dont have clarity on what they actually want in their life. fellowship makes you realize what you can expect from yourself or what you really want to be.

Learn through experiences - Fellows work under experienced faculties, professors, and researchers and learn a lot from their experiences in the field and recognize your self-esteem. 

Know strengths and weaknesses - By joining a fellowship program, one would be able to know their strengths and weaknesses in their work or other choices.

Learn time management - By joining a fellowship program students can learn to manage the worlds most valuable thing called Time. 

Reposition your career direction - Individuals will learn and experience new things through a fellowship program which helps them in repositioning their career direction according to their choice.

Gain confidence - Under the fellowship program, students learn and experience a lot of things for their present as well as future purposes. As they get expertise in their subjects it builds confidence in them to pursue what they want from themselves.  

Unique profile - Fellowship works as an add-on in ones profile and makes them stand out from the rest of the candidates for jobs and promotions performances.

 Get practical experience – Individuals learn things via practical experiences.

Financial support – fellowship provides a stipend to scholars. So that they can do their research without worry or feel less burden on themselves during the studies.

The NSF graduate research fellowship program is basically offered by the National Science Foundation, US. To support research in the field of science, engineering, and mathematics. Students who have masters degrees, recent graduates, and others who are interested in the research can apply for this.

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