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Students or scholars who want to study in the United States often search for scholarships or fellowships to complete their master's or PhD without worrying about financial issues. This blog is going to help out students or scholars who are looking for fully funded scholarships or fellowships to complete their studies effortlessly.

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The Fulbright Master scholarship or Fulbright PhD scholarship is provided by the US governments Department of Education. It is given to international students who want to do a Masters program or PhD in any field of research.

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Full bright scholarship is offered to pursue masters and PhD for international students. It is sponsored by the US department of states, US government; to encourage and develop mutual understanding among the US allied nations through cultural and educational exchange. The Fulbright scholarship provides diverse opportunities to individuals around the world to learn in US institutions. This fellowship is offered to those people who are in need of financial aid, minority groups, or others underdeveloped groups.

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The full bright PhD fellowship, and masters fellowships are available for individuals all around the world without discriminating their race, caste, ethnicity, sex, political view, beliefs or other things. Visit the official website to know more details.

If you want to apply for a fellowship masters program under the Fulbright scholarship, then apply for this scholarship from their country's official Fulbright website. It is given to meritorious students for 2 to 5 years to perform world class research in US universities. 

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About Scholarship:

Offers to do- Masters, PhD 

Fellowship offering Country - USA

Viable in - All universities, colleges, or other institutions in the USA.

Courses: All types of courses will be covered in this fellowship.

Duration - As per selected program

Scholarship Deadline: Varies from country to country 

Apart from this, there are many fellowships and scholarships for International students. But getting all the information related to them in one place is not easy. So students seek platforms that provide all the information about fellowships or scholarships available for them to achieve their goals. There are a variety of platforms that provide information about the fellowships but finding a platform that is only working in the research and academic field is rare and ABCD Index is one of the platforms that provide specific information related to the academic and research world. One can find a list of fellowships and scholarships on this platform and can be aware of the fellowships as per one's interest.

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