Free UGC Approved Journals



Publication of research/review/survey paper needs an international journal that has a reviewer team of expert who can verify content and validate it. Young scholars who are publishing papers first time need UGC approved free journals.  So free UGC approved journals are in high demand of search on different search engines. Some of the journals were filtered by the ABCD portal and list under the following heads. Selection of each journal was done under the following important points:


  1. Journal should have valid index (UGC / Scopus / SCIE / ESCI )
  2. Journal should be online and have a valid E-ISSN number.
  3. International Journal should clearly mention on-site about its publication process.
  4. Complete information should be mention on-site about Publication fee / Article processing fees.
  5. Further, some journals make it free, but in acceptance email, they mention some charges for formatting, English, number of pages, etc. This is done by journal comments done by previous authors.


Social Science List

Science List

Multi Disciplinary List

Art & Commerce List

Scholars who search for free journal publication UGC approved can directly use this directory for publication and refer other friends or teachers. People how are looking for some paid journal can visit Paid UGC Journal List. As per the above mention points, free UGC care journal were filtered as per different branches of publication or research areas adopted by the team. Publication stats of UGC care list free journals are also very high among scholars as good quality papers were accepted in such journals without any reference and partiality. Some of the big, known universities prefer the publication of Ph.D. scholars in free UGC care list journals. So this list of journals is always in high demand for the people it was found that scholars/researchers who need academic publication prefer paid as well but good scholars always go for publication in UGC free journal list.


Watch the below video to completely understand of how to get a free and updated list from the ABCD portal by use of filter for any indexing like Scopus, UGC-CARE, SCI, ESCI, SCIE, etc. Its a request to authors to comment on the journal page of they have any relevant information about the journal like processing time, fees, experience, number of review phases, etc. We share same information to other scholars so true information about journal get promote.