Free Scopus Indexed Journals In Computer Science



Free scopus indexed journals in computer science

Research is a part of academics so academic people from all areas, Scholars, researchers students and other academicians do research on various academic and research projects continuously.

Indexing is one of the sources where people from different domains can search journals to publish their research work as per their fields. So scholars and other academicians look for reputed indices for various reasons i.e. - finding appropriate journals to publish their research work, collect databases for their upcoming research projects, gain knowledge of a particular area, and so on. Whoever wants to accomplish a degree, career advancement and multiple opportunities seeks platforms that can help them in stepping ahead from others in the field.

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There are various sites that provide free scopus indexed journals in computer science. But finding a site that provides a variety of journals in each domain with its indexing at various indexing platforms, is not that easy.

ABCD index is also an indexing platform. On this stage one can find all the academic and research information as per their research fields. abcd index portal is very user friendly, it provides filters to segregate the information one truly desires.  


To find Scopus index journal at ABCD Index just follow the steps given in the next segment

  • Firstly go to ABCD and open the home page of the portal.
  • Go to the search bar and type domain, field name, research area or other keywords related to one’s field or research topics they are looking for.
  • The default list of journals belonging to respected fields will show up on the screen.
  • On the left side of the window a set of filters are provided to help users to find the appropriate journal in less time. so go to the filter section.
  • If you want a country specific journal then select the country that’s journals one is looking for.
  • Select ‘free’ option from the free/ paid menu given at the filter section. One can also see the list of paid journals separately in their respective fields.
  • In the next step select the ‘Scopus’ indexing from the indexing menu. One can also find different types of indexing like ABCD Index, Web of Science, UGC CARE, NAAS etc.
  • Now click on the search button given below the ratings.

Free Scopus indexed journals in computer science are on the screen.

If one wants a journal as per ratings then go to ratings menu at the filter section. ABCD Index provides 4 types of ratings to the journals as per their work and indices. They are categorized in A, B, C, and D. Select any of them to find journals as per their ratings.