Free Scopus Index Journal In Electricals Engineering




Free Scopus index journal in Electricals engineering

Students and other Scholars from electrical engineering often seek journals related to their field to find previous research work or other databases related to their research and other projects. Apart from that publishing the research papers holds the same importance as the research itself because without finding a good publisher for your research work one will not be able to do the research work as they meant to do. It also helps them in showcasing their work to the others in the field.

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Publishing a research paper is as important as writing them because it shows the ability of the academicians and gives recognition to their work in the field and presents them in front of a larger audience. In addition it helps other researchers and academicians to do further research and opens up new branches for research and developments.


Finding a scopus index journal in electrical engineering is becoming easier with the advancement of the internet and technology. But there are a lot of fake and malicious websites also present today that are doing unethical practices and harming intellectual properties of the academicians and spreading false information. One can avoid such journals with the help of the ABCD Index.

ABCD index is an indexing platform which also provides all the academic and research information all around the world. it listed a variety of journals indexed in some reputed indexing sites like Scopus, web of sci, sci, Naas, UGC care etc. it also lists clone journals on its platform so that academics and researchers can be alert about any misinformation and avoid such platforms that are main agenda is to cheat innocent fellows and earn monetary benefits from them.

To find free Scopus-indexed journals in Electricals engineering one has to follow some simple steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Go to the ABCD Index Portal.
  2. Write the related field in the search bar; for example ‘Electricals Engineering’ then click on the search button.

         Default list of journals will be on your screen. 

          Left side of the list, some filters are given. By applying the filters individuals can find journals according to country, indexing, free/paid, and ratings.

  1. Select country if you want country specific scopus indexed journals.
  2. Go to the free /paid menu and select free from the drop-down list.
  3. Now select the ‘index’ from the indexing menu. Just click on Scopus from the indexing drop-down list.
  4. Move forward and select rating i.e. A, B, C, D. from the rating menu.
  5. Now click on the search button.

 Free Scopus-indexed journals in Electrical Engineering will be on the screen.

 One can find all the essential details of the journals like – name, ISSN, PISSN, publisher, review time, issues per year, etc. just by clicking on the title of that journal.

 Apart from that individuals can find more details about the journals by its official website that is provided on the ABCD Index Portal.