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Professional membership certificate helps academicians to certify their excellence in a particular profession along with career advancement. Many groups, organizations, communities, and societies of journals and indices distribute certificates to their members on various levels of their memberships.

students, academician, professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and other individuals who are related to any profession seek free membership in journals or join academic society membership with the purpose of doing selfless work for the betterment of mankind by contributing and sharing knowledge, innovative ideas, get resources and to stay up to date about the ongoing development in the field.


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Why academicians need professional membership in a Chapter/ Society

  • To get in networking with like-minded people in their zone.
  • To stay up to date with current developments.
  • To get certificates.
  •  For getting new opportunities and possibilities.
  • Learn new things from others.
  • Get authentic and quality news about their profession.
  • Get Excellency in the profession.
  • Career advancement

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How does society/ chapter’s professional membership benefit Academicians?

Certificates of excellence – many professionals acquire skills in their subjects or fields from time to time. Certificates, certify Excellency in one’s skill and profession. ABCD Index members are honored with certificates from time to time.

Networking – chapter, society, community, and groups provide information about conferences, seminars, jobs, scholarships, and funding related to one's field or profession. There are many events, professions, jobs, and skills that people learn through or get their hands on just because they know them, so networking plays an important role in anyone's life. Chapter membership will provide platforms for like-minded people to get to know each other.

Get free access to the Chapter's Resources – Scholars, researchers or academicians often need funding, labs, instruments, tools, and places for conducting conferences, seminars, research, gatherings, etc. chapter has to collect resources that fulfill the requirements of any functions. So being a member of a journal or indexing chapter one can grasp all of this free of cost or at reduced prices.

Get things or events at a Discount – By joining academic chapter membership one will get a hold of things and events organized in their circumference at discounted prices.

Be a Leader – societies offer different kinds of membership for individuals. one can get an opportunity to become a fellow or senior member who has the authority to be a part in decision-making.

          At present, there are several groups, societies or communities, journals, and indices that have a separate member forum on their platforms; through which one can contribute their suggestions. But most of them provide paid membership so if anyone wants to join that community then they have to pay a hefty sum for joining that chapter.

There are some reputable indices as well, that offer free membership in their societies. ABCD index is one of those indices which offer free membership for each of their societies/chapters. It is an indexing database platform that provides information about journals, conferences, funding, sponsorship, jobs, scholarship, fellowship, etc. By joining academic society membership one can have all of this information at their fingertips.