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All the journals whether its national or international have a dedicated editorial board which have experts from the related field or research domain of the journal. They review submitted research papers or articles and evaluate them on various levels before publishing. This is all done by peer reviewers. Peer reviewers provide an overall report of the manuscript and suggest, recommend or reject them to encourage and maintain the publication of high quality research. 

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All the publication in free peer reviewed journals has to go through this peer review process. Reviewers evaluated the submitted paper on different aspects and gave feedback, suggestions to improve the quality of the paper and also suggested to the editor whether to accept the paper or not.
Benefits of paper publishing in free peer reviewed journals
There are several benefits one will get by publishing a research paper in a peer reviewed journal. Some of them discussed as follows:
Ø  Get open access for the research publication so that people related to the field can be aware of the findings, gain knowledge,
Ø  Increase reach through publishing in a journal. Journals have their own channels which promote research papers and articles. Apart from that, an international journal has broader coverage that ensures the reach of the research paper to the wider audience.
Ø  One can get a review of their research projects or papers through journal publication. Journal publications go through peer reviewing. Reviewers help authors by re-reading their research paper, suggesting improvements to update the quality of the research paper.
Ø  Some journals with no publication fee provide a unique address for the published research paper itself which can be used to cite research papers by others and easy to find online.
Ø  Most of the journals operate online so published content is instantly available to everyone.
Ø  Due to the fact that most journals are online, research databases can be easily accessible worldwide.
How to write a research paper for journal publication
Collect data – The first thing one should do is collecting or gathering data for the research. Make sure the data comes from authentic sources.
Write an abstract – Write an abstract of the research paper. It should be written precisely.
Add tables and figures – Add/use tables and figures to present/ elaborate facts and data it will enhance the papers attributes.
Conclusion – Conclusion should be relevant to the content and cover the overall research.
Dont write out of domain - A journal which published research papers and articles related to authors research area would accept the paper for the publication. If the content of the research went out of domain then it would get rejected. So one should go with journals that publish in the same research domain.