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Research and development sector brings glory and opens new horizons to a nation and its people. As day by day a number of research comes to light and encourage scholars, researchers, and students to explore various sides of potential research areas and do research projects that ease the current disputes. 

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Journal plays an important role in presenting and promoting the scholarly articles and research papers to the relevant audience. Scholars and researchers work on various research projects and write it down as a research article so that others in the field would be aware of the recent findings. This blog will let one know about the free online journals for students, the reason behind finding them and points that help in selecting a good journal.

Why students seeks free online journals 

There can be plenty of reasons why a research individual seeks free online journal for students some of them are listed below:

  • to find resources for their upcoming research.
  • to gain in depth knowledge of a particular subject.
  • to find authentic sources for references.
  • to publish a research paper or article.
  • to get a review on their research work.
  • because of the reputation of unpaid journals.
  • due to financial conditions.
  • to seek conferences.

Points to consider before submitting paper in a journal

Research domain - The first thing that one should get assured with about the journal is its research sector. There is no sense in submitting a research paper or article in a journal that doesn’t publish in a related research domain because it would certainly get rejected before reviewing due to its research area. So it would be wise to check the research field of the journals opting for that journal. 

Impact factor - Impact factor indicates the average of cited articles or papers of a journal over the years. This shows the overall performance and quality of published articles in a journal which indirectly helps scholars to find a journal that would be beneficial for them.

Mode - At present most of the journals work online or publish in hybrid mode but still there are some journals which publish in print only. Students who are in need of publication don't pay attention to this thing or this part is neglected by many. There is no wrong with print only journals, it is just that print only journals restrict the reach of the research work to the larger community which eventually affects the authors work recognition. Where as if the journal published online then it would be easier to check the authenticity of the cited work. which resulted in 

Charges - In the research community generally journals do not charge for publishing. It is mainly free from charges but there are some journals that work on a subscription model. In which they ask some fees to pay from authors to publish scholarly articles or papers. It can be a few to hundreds of dollars. So it is suggested to think and check hidden charges before applying to a journal for publishing research work.

Open access - Journals which provide its database like research papers, articles, review papers openly accessible to everyone without any charges are called open access. 


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