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Students doing their masters or are in the final year of their bachelors need to submit projects or research papers related to their subject or field. They can do research in groups or individually as per instructions given by their professors. Considering that they need to find and inform their research topic to their teachers Because their future depends on that project. Youngsters are full of youth, they have the capability to take risks and have time to do research in different areas as per their interests. For that, they just need some guidance so that they can start their journey. Considering all of that they start searching on various platforms which is time consuming. What they need here is a platform where all of their queries like where to start, what steps they should follow to make arrangements for their project, what to consider while doing that and what to avoid so that they don't face failure;  will be answered thoroughly. Considering all of these conferences are the of the platforms where all of their questions will be answered and they can also meet fellow scholars, researchers, academicians, and experts related to their streams.

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So now you may have a question in your mind like what the conference is? 

Conference is a formal meeting between individuals or groups of people which have the same interest. In other words conference is a platform where people working or doing research on the subject or field which is also related to their respective fields; present their work and research infront of scholars, professor, academicians who are experts in their subject and fields. It  is the human tendency  to show and expect reactions for whatever they have accomplished While doing the research work. They discuss the methods, tools, and outcomes of their work. While reviewing they also accept questions and suggestions for the work they have done.


Why are conferences needed?

Scholars, researchers, academicians, students doing masters, doctorates, research laboratories, groups of people, individuals, colleges, universities, and various other institutions who are doing research in a certain field or subject write papers and journals related to their research. After doing so they feel the importance of telling others about their work, like how it will help mankind, society, and other fellow researchers and whether the work they have done is correct or needs improvement. All of these needs lead them to create a platform where they can discuss the work they have done so far. For presenting the work progress and research outcomes universities and institutions started organizing conferences from time to time. 


Types of conferences  

There are mainly two types of conferences held all over the world.

  • The First type of conference is a national conference - in this type of conference organizers accept research papers only belonging to their country. They discuss all the possibilities to improve their research in front of experts belonging to the same country or working in the same country; although they might have different fields or subjects of the research.
  • The other type of conference is an international conference – in this kind of conference the organizers accept research papers or journals related to their subject title, area of research, and field from the scholars and fellow researchers belonging to or working in any part of the world. The criteria of this type of conference depend on the organizing committee; how they want to invite and conduct the conference.

 From the above discussion you have found out what the conference is and the types of conferences. After knowing what the conference is and how many types of conferences there are, you might have another question regarding the conference which is how can I attend the conference? Is it free or paid?


The organizer of the conference

Conferences are often organized by colleges, universities, research labs, industries, scholars, groups of people doing work in the same field, societies working for humanities and several other groups with the same goals etc.