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Scholars, researchers and academicians and others who are working professionally in their fields often need to show that they are making valuable contributions in their fields for the growth and development of society. Apart from that sometimes membership of academic or research groups helps in getting a promotion or career advancement. Due to this, they seek membership in societies/ chapters related to their fields.

Any scholastic society, indexing site, or academic society's membership plays a significant part in any academicians, researchers, or scholars’ scholastic and professional success and opens up new potential opportunities for them to improve their knowledge. Also makes their contributions to the present as well as the future of academic and research fields.

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Know all about ABCD Index Membership 

One can look for societies that are primarily composed for creating networks and get to know more scholars in a particular field.  through chapter membership, academicians can avail lots of benefits i.e. resources, instruments, information, etc. These societies /chapters provide verified and authentic information, research topics, and current research hot spots. Organize research gatherings to know other researchers, scholars, and academicians in the field, their thoughts, ideas, and feasible knowledge-sharing channel. They also negotiate discounts for members in registered conferences and journals.

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There are many journals and indexing societies/ chapters that provide paid or free membership options for individuals who are looking forward to joining their community. Currently, ABCD Index is offering lifetime membership with certificate. Membership of the ABCD Index is free till 31st December 2023. In the given time selected candidates will get lifetime membership of the ABCD Index. After the free membership registration period, members have to pay for their ABCD Chapter membership on a yearly basis.

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 Benefits of ABCD Index Chapter Membership

  • Get to know like-minded people globally.
  • Get access to a wider audience.
  • Enhance network locally and globally.
  • Get free lifetime membership.
  • Discounts on ABCD registered conferences/seminars/workshops/events.
  • Discounts on ABCD registered Journals.
  • Increase Networking in the chapter.
  • Get global recognition.
  • Members can get Grants/ Funds for their academic and research activities.
  • Get the latest News about academic and research areas.
  • Get updated about job requirements.
  • Get Blockchain space for profile and research work.
  • Chapter provides Legal support for its members.
  • Get a membership e-Certificate.

Types of ABCD Index membership

ABCD Index mainly provides 7 types of membership on its platform. They are as follows:

1.      Scholar

2.      Researcher

3.      Academician

4.      Industry

5.      Department

6.      College

7.      University 

Eligibility for Membership

Each of these categories has its own membership eligibility criteria. In this segment, the blog discusses some common qualifications, which make individuals eligible for membership in the ABCD Index chapter. They are in the following points given below :

  • Have a Ph.D. or other Doctorate degree.
  • Social service
  • Have an outstanding profile.
  • Have Expertise in a particular field.
  • Have a master's degree & experience in an academic or research zone.

       ABCD index platform provides free access to its database for its members throughout the world. We are working for transparent, authentic, and healthy academic and research work with a futuristic approach. Apart from that, we accredit departments, labs, industries, institutions, instruments, etc. to propagate quality assurance to the world around us. ABCD Index also helps in promoting work, ideas, products, and findings among the global community to increase acknowledgment of their achievements across the globe.


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