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Scholars, researchers, professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and other academicians not only in India but around the world seeks academic societies, groups, and same sort of communities where they can be aware of other people who have the same interest as them, know about current, upcoming projects, meet them, share or contribute in researches and many more.

Basically, scholars and researchers seek a platform through which they can contribute to their subject or fields and become a part of the community or group of similar-minded people on the local and global levels. apart from that, membership of an academic society/ chapter brings lots of advantages for academicians and researchers and increases their reach across the globe. 

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Benefits of getting a membership in an academic society 

As an academician one already has a network of their colleagues, researchers, students and others related to their fields so why they need society to be a part of in the first place? and other questions like that will be discussed in this section of the article. One will surely get the answers to all the questions that often occur in an individuals mind thoroughly. Let us understand the importance of a society/ chapter, group, or community through the points given below :

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Get resources – One can get access to various resources either free or at less price; by joining any academic organization. Many societies share their resources with other society members so that they can transfer knowledge and wisdom for the good of the world.

Learn new things – Many societies from journals or indexing agencies offer membership for assistant professors so that they can learn new things from other experts or veterans in related subjects or fields.

Get new ideas –  Society, group, or community have forums where they can share their experience, discuss work, comment on others work, share and communicate with each other this transmission of words help people to get new ideas about what to do next, or for other things.

Increase network – Societies or chapters have people who are in the same field or working in the field related to ones departments from around the country and if the society is international then one can know researchers, scholars, or academicians around the world and would be able to show their own work internationally.

Get to know more people in ones field – Academic societies are the place where scholars, researchers or academicians get to know each others work, projects, research, and other things that are a hot topics in their field.

ABCD index is an indexing and database platform which provides journal indexing and databases in the field of Science, arts, social sciences, mathematics, humanities, physics, chemistry, computer sciences, data mining, engineering, literature, media, etc. It provides indexing for national and international journals. 

ABCD index has various departments and each department has its own chapters where journal publishers, editors, academicians, and other individuals can apply for membership in their regions or clusters chapter without any charge and get benefitted from its resources and rewards throughout the nation.