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Scholars, academicians, and researchers often seek chapters or societies to get membership in it. Membership of these communities helps them to be connected to other individuals belonging to the same academic or research area worldwide effortlessly. Membership in a research association helps research associates stay up to date about current scenarios in the research area, Share news, resources, instruments, and information among members of the chapter.

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Benefits of membership in a Chapter/ Society

Information – By joining a scientific chapter one can be updated with the latest developments in their field then plan the next step accordingly.

Network – Chapters are the place where people with the same interest gather collectively. So if one is a part of the society/ chapter, then they can easily get to know more people in their field and develop connections among them.

Resources – Societies or chapters have their resources so the members of that chapter can use resources for their work unanimously or collectively as per need.

Share News/Resources and stay up to date with Chapter Page Post

Discount – Being a part of a chapter or society provides direct benefits to the members through discounts in conferences, journals, instruments etc.

Find mentors – One can find mentors through a professional society membership. as they contain all professionals in their respective fields from all around the world.

Professional growth – Certificate of membership, gives high advancement in one's careers and opens up new doors for them to grow professionally.

Certificate – Members of a chapter or society get membership certificates according to their contribution. Certificate helps in enhancing their academic growth, and makes them different from the rest of the scholars.

Why ABCD Index?

There are plenty of journals, indexing sites, and other indigenous groups that provide free membership for research associations, free professional membership for chemistry,  and for other subjects separately. But most of them lack authenticity and some predatory journals and indexing sites are full of shell societies/ groups.

ABCD Index is a widely recognized platform among academic and research personalities across the globe. It provides free access to its services for scholars, researchers, academicians, departments, colleges, universities, etc. without discriminating against their ethnicity or nationality. ABCD supports good academic and research activities for the betterment of the academic and research world and society.

The group of academic and research personnel at ABCD index is called a chapter. ABCD Index provides indexing for journals, research papers or articles, accredited journals, departments, instruments, industries, colleges, etc., and promotes the product or work of associates through various channels.

Advantages of ABCD Index membership

  • Get discounted conferences.
  • Publish research papers, and articles in ABCD registered journals at a reduced price.
  • Use page posting to share views, ideas, news, etc.
  • Stay up to date with the latest developments.
  • Get global recognition for your efforts.
  • Increase reach of work/ product.
  • Get certificates for contribution.
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