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Students, who are in the final year of their studies, phd students and others who want to establish themselves as academician or researcher are often advised to attend conferences to learn and understand how the research world works.  Scholars and researchers often seek conferences to publish their research work. One of the reasons to find a conference is to get ahead of others in terms of finding useful resources to excel ones career through the multiple opportunities one will get at the conference. To do so they seek conferences to get better opportunities.




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This blog will help young researchers and scholars who wish to publish their research papers but due to some financial reasons seeking free conference paper publication.


Generally, Conferences are paid whether its national or international but there are some funded conferences where individuals can present and publish their papers for free. 

Acceptance of papers in a conference that publishes free papers is not that easy because here they accept papers that qualify for the basic standard quality of a research paper. In other words, papers accepted in free conferences have better quality in comparison to paid ones. 

How To Attend International Conferences For Free

Apart from that many govt agencies support research and development in colleges and universities through the contingency funds. Individuals who want to attend or publish papers in a conference can apply for the fund in their respective departments and ask for reimbursement.

If you are a PhD scholar then you must be aware of the conferences as they have to attend various conferences due their work. Even beginners are often suggested by their mentores to attend conferences to meet other experts in the field, developing knowledge and understanding the depth of the research by exploring others work in the same field.

conferences are of mainly two types; local and international. Generally every conference asks for papers and shares it with others present at the conference via proceedings or other means. This helps young researchers in showcasing their research work in front of others in the field. Free conference paper publication is another benefit one will get through the conferences. 

Find Free Conferences as per Domain

Finding a conference as per the subject, area or domain is another issue that one has to face while looking for a conference. As sometimes academicians face some predatory conferences as well that pretend to be authentic. This type of misleading information not only wastes the time but also the trust issues along with financial loss. 

To avoid such things one can visit the ABCD Index platform. It is trusted by many academics and researchers to find the latest or upcoming national and international conferences. Just visit the ABCD index and get all the information regarding conferences.

This platform provides a user-friendly interface to its users. Where they can easily find all the required details about the conference like date, venue, organizer, free / paid, fees, mode of the conference whether it is online, offline, or both, conference website, etc.

How to find conferences at the ABCD Index portal?

  • There are two ways to find conferences at the ABCD index portal
  • To find conferences at ABCD Index portal
  • Open ABCD index homepage. Here find conferences button present above the search bar.
  • Select the button then move to the search bar.
  • Type the subject/ area/ filed on which conferences you are looking for.
  • Now click on the search button.

A default list of conferences would be on screen. To know more about the conference just click on the title of the conference this will lead to the conference detail page. Find all the information regarding the conference at a glance. To know more about the submission of the paper, click on the official website of the conference and submit the paper for the conference as per the guidelines mentioned on the site.

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How to find free conferences at ABCD Index?

Finding free conferences at ABCD Index is very easy. Just follow the above steps then apply filters as per the requirement. For example, after finding the default list of conferences; move to the filter section. Here one can find different types of filters like country, free / paid, online / offline, etc. just select free from the free / paid menu then click on the search button. A list of free conferences would be on screen.

 Explore it, and find the conferences that are suitable as per ones research areas.


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