Reviewing plays an essential part in publishing a research paper or article in any journal. Editors and publishers of the journal often seek reviewers for reviewing the research papers and articles published by them in the related fields. Reviewing is a process by which one provides a detailed analysis of certain things in terms of use or experience in real life. In case of research and academics reviewing is the first phase one has to face while publishing a research paper or articles. 

Find Reviewers as per Research Area

Research papers and articles need to be cross checked by some other individuals who have expertise in that field which helps in finding errors related to techniques and suggests authors to make certain changes to make research better. A person who has a good enough knowledge in a particular area gives their valuable suggestions, recommendations, or simply expresses their thoughts about the research papers or articles so that any type of mistake or error can be caught or corrected in the research work before making it available to all. 

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Need of a reviewer

  • Reviewing of the research papers and articles reduces the chances of plagiarism, 
  • Reviewing plays an important role in publishing a research paper or article.
  • Reviewers evaluate the research and provide valuable suggestions to the authors.
  • Reviewers suggest research papers and articles to the editors.

If you are looking for reviewers in the field of science, math, physics, computer science, arts, humanities and others then without a doubt go to ABCD index and find reviewers for journals as per your field. ABCD index has reviewers from all the disciplines that come under the field of academic and research.

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How to get reviewers at ABCD Index

ABCD index has a large number of reviewers related to almost every field of academic and research areas. One can find the reviewers as per their domain or research area, country, etc. at ABCD Index platform. 

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There are two ways to find reviewers at ABCD Index portal; the first one is direct search by using the search bar and other is going through the reviewer menu provided at top of the ABCD index page and finding reviewers from here. Individuals can go through either of them to find the reviewers as per their research area/ field/ domain on this portal.

Find reviewers using ABCD Index Reviewer menu

In this way one has to go through the reviewers menu present at the top of the page. 

  • Go to the reviewers menu and click on it. A drop down list would be on screen.
  • Find Reviewer Search and click on it.
  • Reviewer search page would be on screen.
  • Now search reviewers by putting a keyword related to your field or the domain in which seeking reviewers in the search bar.
  • Now click on the search button. A list of reviewers related to the keyword would be on screen.
  • Apply filters as per your requirement.

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Find reviewers directly

Follow the points given below to find reviewers as per their fields:

  • Open abcd index homepage then go to the search bar.
  • Now put the research area or domain from which reviewers needed.
  • Now click on the search button. List of reviewers related to that field would be on screen.
  • Lets understand it with an example, if someone wants to search reviewers in the field of computer science then they just have to go to the search menu and write computer science then click on the search button.
  • List of reviewers related to computer science would be on screen.
  •  If you want to search reviewers within your country or any specific country then go to the filter section and apply the country filter for finding the reviewers from that specific country.
  • After selecting the country click on the search button. List of reviewers from that country would be on screen.

Use the ABCD Index portal and find reviewers for Journal easily. Its free for everyone related to the research and academic field.