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Graduate students who want to study in the world's top universities to take their career to the next level; Seek fellowship to learn and grow under experts in their fields. Many countries offer scholarships and fellowships for international graduate students who show outstanding potential to be a researcher in their subjects or fields.

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Fellowships for International graduate students

There are various international agencies that offer graduate fellowships for international students. Some of them discuss in this segment of the blog. 

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IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies (Japan) - This scholarship is offered to Asian countries which are members of the IMF. Whoever wishes to work in institutions like the international monetary Fund or the world bank, can study for a doctorate in Economics through this scholarship program.

Fulbright Program for Foreign Students – the Fulbright fellowship is awarded to international students who want to pursue a masters degree or Ph.D. at US universities or other US-based institutions. Students can apply for a Fulbright fellowship through the US embassy based in their country.

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Intel PhD Fellowship Program – This fellowship is awarded to outstanding PhD candidates who are studying leading-edge innovations in sectors related to intel businesses.

Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) Scholarship - This scholarship program supports young students who want to complete their doctorate in computer science, social science, natural sciences and information technologies in global research universities. 

International Road Federation Fellowship - This fellowship is offered to civil engineering and transportation engineering graduate students internationally. If the student is nominated by their country.

Institution of Food Technologists - This scholarship is offered to meritorious students who want to pursue graduate or undergraduate programs in food sciences and technology.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships - This scholarship is provided for anybody who wants to pursue any 1-3 year course at Cambridge.

Elizabeth Green shields Foundation - Any graduate or undergraduate can apply for this grant. It basically supports young artists who just started their careers.

American Association for University Women (AAUW) - This fellowship is awarded to international women who wanted to pursue full-time research or graduate or postgraduate degree in America.

Amelia Earhart Fellowships (Zonta International Foundation) - This fellowship is awarded to women scholars who have an excellent academic background and have bachelors degrees in science or engineering.


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