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Are you satisfied with your career and life? Do you have what you really want in life? If not, then there must be something that forces you to find ways to take your personal and professional development to another level. There are so many options available out there to develop ones skill to the next level. For example, online courses, developing particular skills, certificate courses, conventional degree programs, etc. if you dont want to do all of these then there is another option as well which is joining a fellowship program. It will definitely help you out in finding what you really want. Yes, fellowships! They will make your resume better and open up a variety of opportunities in front of you.

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So there will be a question tingling in your mind; what exactly is the fellowship? How to get them? How will they help in career advancement? etc. all of these queries will be answered in this blog one by one. stay tuned...

Know Fellowships Around You

What is fellowship?

A fellowship is generally categorized as a scholarship but they are not the same on the ground level. By the term, scholarships are known as financial aid whereas fellowship can be in the form of other benefits apart from financial aid or vis versa. So we can say that It is quite similar to a scholarship that is given to the school or college students. Generally, fellowships are short-term; they usually last up to a few months or a year. But in some cases, they could last for years e.g. Ph.D. Fellowships are usually grants for researchers and other students who want to pursue their careers on the next level.

Graduate students who wish to do something different from conventional careers and looking for opportunities to learn new things that are not provided by their schools or colleges or want to explore new things can go for fellowships.

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Benefits of Fellowship

A fellowship honoree can have either financial or other kinds of benefits under the fellowship. They are as follows:

  • Get subsidized education.
  • Provide an alternate option from conventional degree programs, courses, and schools.
  • Gain practical knowledge through experiments rather than theoretical.
  • Learn through experience and apply it in your life.
  • Gain wider exposure in the field and create a network with professionals and other fellows in the field.
  • Get help in growing professionally.
  • Gain self-motivation and confidence in performing deeds.
  • Get financial support in pursuing higher studies.
  • Get guidance for futuristic goals.

How to get a fellowship?

graduate students who want to get a fellowship should keep in mind that most of the time fellowships are offered based on merit. If one has a meritorious academic history then they can easily get the desired fellowship. Students who have outstanding skills, ideas, or plans can also get the fellowship.

Who can apply for the Fellowship?

There are different types of fellowships offered/ sponsored by different organizations. The eligibility criteria for the fellowship may vary for each of the organizations. Meritorious graduate/ postgraduate students, Ph.D. scholars, researchers who are seeking financial aid or other kinds of benefits/ support like resources, and instruments for their further academic or research purpose, and students who have extraordinary skills or promising research potential can apply for the fellowship.

How fellowship helps in Career Advancement

Fellowships are mainly given to meritorious individuals and others who have great skills and have potential to grow and develop exceptionally. Fellowship can be in the form of financial aid or in the form of other benefits. Under the fellowship, students get a chance to learn from expert faculty, professors, and other researchers. They learn through their mentors and at the end of the fellowship they are able to do things on their own and have new experiences to see the world differently. which helps them in their career advancement.

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