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Academic and research individuals often do research and publish papers on it to inform others in the field. Sometimes they need to publish research papers frequently due to career opportunities, advancement, promotion etc. many free publishing journals take almost 6-8 months of time to publish a research paper. At present no one has that much time so most of the scholars look for fast publishing scopus indexed journals in multidisciplinary to avoid the lengthy and hectic reviewing process which lasts up to 6 months. Another reason for seeking fast publishing scopus indexed journals in multidisciplinary is one can publish research papers related to any of the research areas or disciplines they are working on.

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Find Scopus index Multidisciplinary Journal at ABCD Index

The next question that comes in any scholars mind is where they can find the scopus indexed multidisciplinary journals in less time. If one is looking for a reliable platform to find the journals of their choices then they can visit the ABCD Index. The next segment will let you know how to find scopus indexed journals at ABCD Index portal

How to find scopus indexed journals at ABCD Index portal

Follow the given steps to find fast publishing scopus indexed journals in multidisciplinary:

  • Open ABCD Index homepage. At the top of the window some menus were given. Move cursor  to the about menu; a list of options would popup on the screen. Now select the journal from the list by clicking on it.
  • Journal search page would be on the screen. One can search journals by name, issn number, research areas etc. at ABCD Index portal. Put a keyword related to research area or domain i.e. multidisciplinary. 
  • List of journals in multidisciplinary would be on screen. At the left side of the window filter section is given. ABCD Index provides mainly 4 types of filter to find journals specifically.
  • Go to the filter section and select the indexing menu. Now select the scopus from the drop down list and move forward to the search button. List of scopus indexed multidisciplinary journals would be on screen. 
  • ABCD Index maintains journals with brief details on its platform. Here individuals can find information like issn no, issues per year, volume no, free-paid, review time etc.that helps in selecting a good journal to publish paper as per their research areas.  One can check a journals profile just by clicking on it.
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