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There are a variety of journals and other publishing platforms available but no one can assure the authenticity of the website that publishes the research paper. As there are many but no one provides totally free publication. Journals charge for the formatting or article processing fees from authors to get their paper published on the journal’s website. 

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Mainly there are two types of journals that have more stable ground in the present time; online journals and hybrid journals. In which, one published their content in digital mode on the internet online and the other published the content in digital as well as print mode (online and offline) at their platforms. 

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People often look for fast publishing scopus indexed journals to get their research work known to others who are working in the same field of research or have interest in reading the research oriented work. The fast journal publication indexed by scopus would help scholars in grabbing the opportunities they eye on in less time.

Following are the points that will assist one to know how they can find a list of fast publishing scopus indexed journals at the ABCD Index free of charge.

Open the ABCD Index platform and explore the homepage of the website to get familiarized with the content. (if one is not aware of how to find the ABCD Index then click on the link.)

There are two ways to get the list of journals at the ABCD Index portal. First from the home page and the other from the journal menu. 

At the middle of the homepage a search bar is given to help academic individuals in getting the data they are looking for in less time.

Go to the search bar and select journal from the buttons present above the search bar.

One can find the list of journals by the name of the journal, research area, subject, issn number of the journal etc. after putting the keyword click on the search button. A default list of journals would be on screen.

At the journal page of ABCD Index, one can find filters like country, indexing, free-paid, ratings etc. using filters to find the specific information regarding the journals would be helpful in finding the fast journal publication indexed by scopus.