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To lead a healthy life one has to focus on what they consume. The modern life style, and eating habits became the cause of different kinds of health issues. Research scholars working in the field of dentistry or related departments study these issues, their causes and effects on people and publish them to inform everyone about the same. Research needs to be peer reviewed and validated by others in the field so they seek free dental journals for publication which have good impact factors as well. Dental journal impact factor helps scholars in deciding the journal for their paper publications. This blog will discuss the sources to find a good indexing journal for free.

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Where to find free dental journals for publication?

Nowadays finding a journal for publication is not as hard as it was 2 decades ago. With the help of the internet one can find multiple journals publishing in one's research domains. There are so many options available so scholars sometimes feel confused which one should be chosen to cover a wider audience. In this case ABCD Index would be a wiser choice to anybody looking for an authentic and verified source for finding good quality journals. This portal is free for students, researchers, scholars, academic and research institutions, publishers and others working in the field of academic and scientific research. 

Why ABCD Index Journals?

ABCD Index helps scholars in finding good dental journals for publication in A, B, C and D categories. It is an indexing platform which provides indexing to national and international journals as per the score earned by them so scholars can select the journal as per their requirement. Journals on this platform are verified and free from any unethical practices. Research scholars, professors, universities and other academic institutions trust the ABCD Index to verify the authenticity of research publications and solutions. Portal supports original and quality research publication in almost all fields of research just use filters to find the one.

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