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Students, phd scholars, researchers and other academicians do research in different fields of academic and research areas. After writing a research paper or article they seek platforms where they can share and show the work they have done in their respective fields. Conferences play an important role in displaying the research or scholarly work in front of other researchers in the field. 




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About conferences

Conferences are generally known as meetings or gatherings where like minded people meet and share the findings, new developments, current progress, outcomes etc. in a specific field of research. Many colleges, universities, academic and research institutions organize conferences from time to time on different aspects of research and academic areas where people who belong to that particular subject or area share and discuss ongoing developments in that domain around the world. Which makes them suitable to share the research papers and articles as it would help in ensuring the research of the research to others in the field.

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Apart from that many times students and other scholars are suggested to attend conferences for developing better understanding of the subject, getting ideas for new research, getting to know current trends of the field etc.

Conferences are mainly of two types: national and international. These can be online or offline. In a national conference research papers or articles are accepted within the country whereas in an international conference papers are accepted from international individuals related to that specific research and academic areas.

How to submit paper to conference

Students and other scholars who wanted to show their research work in front of other scholars and experts in the field to get suggestions, recommendation about the work they have done. In other words, scholars can find reviewers as well as guides for their research through conferences. Because of the benefits one gets through the conferences; mentors often advise their students to attend conferences and present research papers or articles at the conferences.

As a beginner who is going to  experience his first research paper publication have to face some issues related to the process of the conference. One has to find a conference related to their field before submitting a paper to it. as there are many options available today so finding a conference is not that difficult but sometimes one has to face validation issues related to the conference due to the presence of various malicious websites details.

To submit a research paper or article to the conference one has to follow some common steps that almost all organizers ask for when presenting the research paper. They are as follows:

Finding a national and international conference at the  ABCD Index portal is very easy because of its user friendliness. There are two ways to find conferences At ABCD Index portal; one through the reviewer menu and second search directly through the conference menu present at ABCD Home page.

Find Conferences through the Reviewers menu

  • Firstly, go to the ABCD Index portal.
  • At the top of the window some menus are given like home, about,  membership, reviewers etc. go to the Reviewers menu.
  • A drop down list would be open on the screen. Select Search conferences from it.
  • A default list of conferences would be on the screen. One can also apply filters to find conferences related to one area of research.

Find Conferences through the Button

  • Go to the ABCD Index homepage.
  • Find the conference button present above the search bar.
  • Select conferences then click on the search button. A default list of conferences would be on screen.
  • If one wants to search conferences related to one's research area then put the research area in the search bar then click on the search button or press enter key from the keyboard.

Select the conference and get details about the conference like title, venue, mode (online/ offline), etc. for more details click on the official website provided on the conference page then go call for papers section and submit your paper for review. Review team will contact for required changes if needed. If the paper gets selected then authors get a chance to publish it in the journals arranged by the organizers. 


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