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Scholars, researchers, and academicians conduct research and other academic and research activities from time to time. As they are related to academic background and provide their services mostly for the betterment of mankind, they look for societies or groups of people that have similar interests as them so that the transmission of knowledge and ideas grow without disruption.

Many times scholars need a certificate of membership from any of the societies or chapters that are working in the same field for various reasons, for example, career enhancement. The membership certificate helps them in getting several benefits alongside the honor of being a member of a prestigious society or chapter. it also increases their reach to a wider audience.

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All the members of a chapter collectively work for the same goal, which is mainly focused on promoting good things and developing a better world for the future generation.

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Numerous journals, indexing websites, and other native organizations offer free membership for research associations, free professional society membership, free professional membership for chemistry, and for other subjects individually. However, the majority of them lack legitimacy, and some are also found on predatory journals and indexing websites. If one wishes to join chapter membership in scientific societies then they can join the ABCD Index chapter/society membership.

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ABCD Index is a well known platform among academic and research personalities across the globe. It offers unfettered access to its services for all departments, colleges, institutions, academicians, and other academic or research groups without discriminating against their race or nationality. For the advancement of the academic and research communities as well as society, ABCD encourages good academic and research activities globally.

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ABCD Index accredited journals, departments, businesses, colleges, and universities and provides indexing for journals, research papers, or articles related to science, arts, mathematics, humanities, engineering, literature, etc. Apart from that, ABCD Index promotes its partners work/ products through various channels.

Free Membership Program

At present, the ABCD index is providing free membership for scholars, researchers, and academicians related to various fields i.e. science, arts, engineering, humanities, mathematics, etc. The free membership program will end on 31st December 2023. After this date membership applicants have to pay a certain amount for their yearly membership at ABCD Index chapter.

Free Membership in Scientific Societies/ Chapters

Many of you have already heard of scientific societies. The main purpose of forming a scientific society or chapter is to connect people who have similar minds and belong to familiar fields. Scientific societies provide a platform where members can freely exchange ideas, and share information and updates about their research work, findings, resources, etc. It also voices out thoughts in front of governments and helps in making policies.

Why should join  society or chapter

  • This field is so dynamic and also proved things are valid until new updates. So being updated in a field as dynamic as science is way more difficult than in static fields e.g. history. 
  • Chapters or societies provide a good source of information that helps in the growth of individuals.
  • Chapter membership shows ones willingness to be a part of their group and contribute for the betterment of the scientific community.
  • If you are a student or Ph.D. scholar then you should consider joining the chapters membership because it will definitely help in advancing your career and growth in related fields.

Benefits of Membership in a Chapter

Stay up to date - Membership of a chapter helps individuals to be updated with the latest research, innovations, and developments in their respective fields so that they can make plans accordingly.

Network –  Chapters /societies collectively provide a platform that includes all the people who have similar interests in a particular area. All of them are connected to each other by a common string. So members of that chapter can easily interact with one another and increase their network through the chapter. 

Resources – A society or chapter has its own resources like labs, instruments, tools; so members of the chapter can use these resources for their academic or research work whenever needed.

Funds and Grants - Some society /chapter provides funds and grants to its members for their research and academic work.

Find mentors - Mentors can be found through one of the professional societies/ chapter membership. Society or chapters consist of various experienced researchers and academic scholars who are working in the same field as yours so it will be easy to find a guide for ones research.

 Professional development - A membership certificate, provides a high level of progress in his work and opens new avenues for them to develop professionally.

Knowledge is so vast, it can not be concluded in some sort of word so Individuals can also look for another platform as well. 

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