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International Conference on 
Intangible Business, Strategies and Analysis ICIBSA 2023 
8-9 Dec 2023- Conference Mode: Hybrid
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International Conference on Intangible Business, Strategies and Analysis 2023 strives to serve all those engaged in the discipline of Business management, finance, economics and marketing as an avenue for growth and community-building. It's going to be a hybrid event so you can participate in person at Bhopal MP, India or Virtually from your home or work.
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International Conference on Intangible Business, Strategies and Analysis 2023; aims to welcome scholars, professionals, students, and participants from around the world to discuss trending issues, solutions, and future developments in the business and related subjects. This conference can help you build connections, showcase your research, and enhance your profile. The thorough one-on-one conferences will help you gain lots of knowledge and uplevel your understanding towards intangible business strategies, management, economics, analysis and opportunities in the business. 


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