Best Journals To Publish Research Papers



Research needs patience to get desired outputs and this turns to the next task of publication. Many scholars are stuck in finding Best Journals to publish Research Papers. Hence deep experience of publication with watch on continuous change on the platforms help to get the best as per paper content. Having both is tough as many of the scholars are young in the field of research paper writing and many of them are not aware of rigorous changes. As per the patterns followed by the scholars to publish paper journal change processes and put down attracting offers to increase the readers, publications, etc. Hence reaching a good journal depend by following basic checks of journal selection:

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Find the website domain and check its age. If the domain is the same as the number of volumes it reflects then it’s an old age journal. Further finds that journals have publication in each volume and issue with atleast 2 sets of papers. Many publishers stop working after a few sets of publications. Apart from publication, find that journals do publication in relevant domains as your research paper reflects.

Above two points help scholars to get the journal proficiency of paper publication. Further a website doing online publication should have a valid ISSN number with electronic publication. ISSN is an International organization that works in journal publisher validation. So a journal having valid ISSN is enough to get sure. Apart from this, journal indexing is also very important as many journals just publish content on their site but they do not have outreach to other platforms. For getting such a rich indexing of published papers is very important. Many journals are showing fake publication details and they do not reflect those profile pages on such platforms so do not believe in the logo, just cross check the profile links as well.

Young scholars always follow mentor or senior researchers papers, the can approach such journals as well. But many of those journals may need a high level of research so matching that at the initial level is not possible. Always consult a guide or mentor for the journal selection as they know the work done and written by the author. Publication cost of a journal is also important as authors have to submit it before getting the final paper link, so authors should crosscheck it as if that increases the financial load. Always check the publication cost before final submission and process the paper for review. Some journals do free publication but review time of those are very high so I need to check that as well. At last arrange content beautifully with 

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